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  • denn56k denn56k Oct 5, 2012 7:25 PM Flag

    Jack Welch x-ceo of GE said the unemployment drop smells fishy...

    he probably knows a thing or 2.........more than obamie

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    • Another idiot conspiracy theorist bites the dust.
      We haven't heard much about Arnold for President or changing the Constitution to accommodate the groper or John Ensign real Rebublican Family Values poster exhibits,Gingrich has sought absolution became a Catholic I understand, I wonder how much he slipped the Pope.

      Jack Welch Takes His Column and Goes Home
      The Exchange
      The former GE CEO and his wife, Suzy Welch, will no longer write their column for Fortune and Reuters, following criticism around Welch's tweet suggesting the White House manipulated the latest jobs report.

    • Interesting, didn't his wife suzy welch, work for bain and company. Isn't that mitt romney's old company? I just read that, don't know if its true. If it is, now that really would smell fishy.

    • he probably knows a thing or 2.........more than obamie
      You and he can do better than that,
      I wonder why the previous figures were not questioned by Mr.Welch.
      It just could not be that figures he does like are good and figures he doesn't like are bad, now that makes sense even to someone as dumb as you.
      Since Robmey is not going to worry about 47% of the U.S. population especially those at the lower levels (to him that is all below millionaire status) why would job numbers bother him.

      Believe in Robmey's or Yoder's America but keep you money in Swiss or Cayman Island accounts. You too might pay 13% or swim nude in the Sea of Galilee.

      Let's all join in a few choruses of Mitt's new marching song:

      God bless the Cayman's
      Banks that I love
      From the mountains to the prairies
      To the oceans white with foam
      I'm sailing in my yacht to take my money home.

      No applause please. just send contributions to Re-Elect President Obama.

    • The thing that smelled fishy was his wife's vagina. It was used by 20 people that day.

    • I'm telling you that the recovery has begun, thanks to the mortgage crisis the recovery will be very slow. Obama shall be judged by history, but none that speak now knows. Romney is not to be trusted, nor is he a fit commander and chief at a time when America does not need the world testing us again (Like with Bush, who they made dance away our freedom). Besides that welch fellow looks a bit upset.......

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      • Welch is upset because he is itching wye down there . He should pound some Preparation-H and sit tight and watch and learn. After all it's not running GE which he turn into a skeleton and then gave it to Imelt. Dow jones close to all time high but GE stock never recovered.He is the one who knows how to cook the books. He is a crook of all time.

        Sentiment: Sell

    • Larry Kudlow said today that any "fixing" of those numbers is impossible. He said the numbers could be wrong and adjusted but anyone who says they are fixed is just plain wrong. He said Welch should know better. I believe Kudlow said at one time he worked on the committee that supplies those numbers and they are kept extremely secretive.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Welch is a right wing kook. One of the entitled CEOs that helped create the conditions that led to the financial meltdown that crippled America. Just another right wing, Depends wearing

    • He should know. How much outsourcing did he do?

    • After Obama got slammed in the debate, the Libs will try and do anything, i lived in the chicago area for a long time believe me they will stoop as low as they need to go to win, thats why all there govenors end up in jail or there congressman end up in the nut-ward aka Jesse Jackson Jr.

    • A lot less fishy than his wife's kooch..

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