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  • itsuckstobeus itsuckstobeus Oct 12, 2012 2:10 PM Flag

    Biden Takes Lyin' Ryan Apart Like A Plastic Toy

    Especially when biden said he voted against the Iraq and afgan wars, but in reality He voted for both wars

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    • Yeah, right. And do you remember how the abominable and incompetent george w. bush and his administration filled with war criminals twisted all of the intelligence to fit his agenda then LIED to America and to the entire world about the "imminent threat" and the "black cloud" and the still missing WMDs? Bet you've chosen to "forget" of those pesky facts, eh?

      The one fact we can rely on, the one thing that will never change is that republicans are now, and have always been, incompetents and LIARS.

      You can see the effect of that long history of liars in the GOP's presidential candidates: both Romney and Lyin' Ryan are world-class LIARS.

      The sad thing, is that GOPers are still too freaking ignorant to see through their leaders' never-ending lies.

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