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  • kringle_2 kringle_2 Nov 2, 2012 4:21 PM Flag

    Romney's New Title: America's Biggest LIAR

    Yes, Romney is a liar. His ads, his speeches, and apparently his head, are filled with more, and bigger, lies than have ever before been seen in ANY presidential race. Romney is a disgraceful liar and everyone now knows it.

    Then he picked another well-known liar as his running mate: Lyin' Ryan. Guess the GOP feels it can never have too many liars on the ballot. Ryan's acceptance speech was filled lies that were so blatant and disgusting that even republicans complained about them. You know the lies are horrible when even GOPers complain.

    So now Romney will go forward to swish through life as the Big Liar Who Couldn't ...

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    • kringle. IGNORE YOU IDIOT.
      ROMNEY 2012

    • Kringle, are you such a brain-washed sheep that you haven't been keeping track of Oblama's lies? The deficit, Gitmo, jobs, transparency, earmarks, lobbyists, uniting the country, "shovel ready jobs", Fast & Furious, Benghazi, etc, etc, etc.....the list is endless! Have you not been paying attention the past 4 years? Let me help you out: they sucked. And no, you can't blame it all on Bush, that's a weak and gutless strategy. When Romney takes control in January, he won't whine and complain about the mess Barry's left him, he'll roll up his sleeves, take responsibility and get busy fixing the Obama debacle.

    • I pitty you poor lug-nut lemming dumbucrats. Loosing faith in your Manchurian Candidate is causing you some regression, so better get back on your meds. Some electro-shock tx's wouldn't hurt. What a maroon!

    • Get over yourself pal. you are a crying loser just like the s'c'u'm' sucking ddbags you support!! All you freaks are going to be messing your pants come Tues night when the 45th POTUS is MITT ROMNEY!!!

      All the way up your donkey with a red hot poker!!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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