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  • sdmiller4747 Nov 6, 2012 4:29 PM Flag

    Doesn't anyone

    see the anti American hatred that Obama holds against America? I believe America has a traitorous imposter occupying the White House! Democrats can't see the Forest because of the Trees! There is an apparent exceptance of an alternate reality by Liberals. A mass hypnosis is gripping American Liberals.

    I trust neither party because I am an Independent. Right now progressivism in Congress is the most dangerous ideology threatening America,and most progressives currently are Democrats. This is an undeniable fact!

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    • thanks for your message, it seems to be so true. just saw a caucasian young lady on msn saying how we need a little socialism in order to provide more upward mobility to the masses, because our current system of capitalism is rigged in favor of the upper class. everyone around the table shook their heads YES in agreement. i'm not shocked by this behavior at all, demcrats make no secret about their inclinations.

      when i was in school, we learned a little about this, it was called communism. apparently they teach different things to these young mush heads than when we went to school.

    • Obama wants to be dictator. when he says FORWARD he means forget the past, i.e constitution, bill of rights etc

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