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  • paul_revere_patriotssssssss paul_revere_patriotssssssss Nov 9, 2012 5:03 PM Flag



    OBAMA blew Romney away.

    Stupid repubs are thinking about running Jeb Shrub for prez. Obviously they haven't learned a dang thing.

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    • And in the Believe It Or Not category there are some brain-dead GOPers suggesting that Romney lost because he was NOT conservative enough. They want the GOP to go even further to the right. These dim bulbs don't have a clue. They're watching their precious GOP shrinking before their eyes and they want to engage in even more of the racism and hating that is presently killing their party.

      I think the best thing would be for us to bury the GOP out back, by the oak tree, next to Fido. Then America can get on with fixing our many problems, mostly caused by ignorant GOPers. America can rise again, but we need to get rid of the blight that is the GOP.

    • 2.5 million votes is hardly a blowout dude. Just because you have 2 s-holes like Cali and New York for the electorial college votes does not mean a thing. Also, Obama got 9 million less then last time. Nice try though...

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      • Californicating is in a horrible fiscal crisis. But according to news today, the state is willing to pay for sex change operations. OMG
        NY will be next followed by taxachusits.

      • How many swing states did Governor Romney take? Huh huh huh? Popular vote don't put you in the White House. Makes me wonder what Governer Romney did with all those fireworks he bought for $25,000? The Republicans had no clue - and had the door slammed in their face when Ohio went to President Obama. At that point Florida no longer mattered.

      • Got to figure that of that 9 million less votes from last time --- at least 7 million was due to their hatred of Bush and the GOP administration.... people were just feed up....

        What is stunning is that Romney and Ryan both lost their home states...!!!!

        What kind of politician does that... and is considered serious.?

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