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  • westervilleskid westervilleskid Nov 9, 2012 7:25 PM Flag

    President Obama's Victory: Republicans Behaving Like Childish Immature Sore Losers

    COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP)- Sean Hannity, Donald Trump, and Karl Rove are awfully unhappy their guy lost- and they're not exactly bearing defeat like mature men.
    "Conservative America is understandably in shock that their candidate Mitt Romney lost by such a huge margin in the electoral votes as well as the popular vote," says Reggie Grimes of Atlanta. "You feel like a stranger at home." And while the majority of Republicans are handling the defeat with relative grace and dignity, a number of conservatives and celebrities are engaged in some serious whining, lashing out, wild finger-pointing, and genaral childishness.

    Karl Rove for instance political reputation has been badly tarnished in the wake of Obama's victory, who not only predicted that Obama would win in a landslide, but raised nearly $400 million in super PAC money to defeat Obama--all for naught. (" There is some holy hell to pay," one wealthy GOP donor told a New York Times reporter. "Karl Rove has an awfully lot of explaining to do." On Election Night, Rove truculently REJECTED Fox News' verdict that Obama had won Ohio. And the day after he whined that Obama had only "succeeded by surpressing the vote" whatever that means. Anchor Megyn Kelly, who has emerged as the "voice of reason" on Fox, shot back, "But he won Karl, what don't you get? HE WON!"

    The talk show host, Shawn Hannity has taken to blaming his beloved country for Obama's victory. Americans have shown "bad judgement," he said on his radio show. "Americans, you get the government you deserve. And it pains me to say this, but America right now deserves Barack Obama. You deserve what you voted for.

    And poor old Donald Trump had a complete melt-down and descended to new lows on Election Night, sending out a tirade of semi-seditious tweets bemoaning Obama's victory. And for good measure, one of Trumps personal friends told BuzzFeed that Trump told him that he wouldn't be spending any time with Mitt Romney after the election. "Trump doesn't like to be associated with a failure. Donald's a winner and Romney is a loser." he said.

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    • Most, not all, of the whining we read on the Web since the election is from the Confederate culture area. Most of that area remains an undeveloped country even 145 years after the Civil War. For example, the state of Mississippi overall is a money pit for the rest of the country - it overall does not make a living in the modern world. That area should never have been returned to the US after the Civil war pending Reconstruction. The money transfers from the rest of the US are just enabling their primitive society and economy and preserving it like a fossil.

      From the news Obama got 10% of the white vote in Mississippi. 90% of the white vote didn't reject Obama on the basis of party or policies - they don't know what his policies are. Economically there is no difference in the interests of the black and white voters. None. Confederate politics consists of raising distracted mobs while the real players clean the table. There's a reason most of the South is under developed and poor. Even life expectancy is as much as 10 years lower than the rest of the USA.

      Confederates, If you want to do something for your community, find out who the real players are and estimate their real incomes. Find out what and who they contribute to which can be quite indirect. Pack and publish in that order, Then get out of there for your own safety.

    • With the Republicans on this board it has nothing to do with immaturity. It's a combination of stuck on stupid and mental illness. You can't actually believe that that Republican kochroach with all the copied screen names is living in reality. Anyone that crawls out of bed to be the first to post and the last to leave 12-14 hrs later everyday of week has some severe mental issues. The goofy idiot will even argue with his on aliases if nobody is responding to him. Oh Yeah, he's a balanced Republican alright.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • republicans are behaving like childish, immature losers because they ARE childish, immature losers.

      Sean Hannity, Donald Trump, Karl Rove, and their ilk, should be put in a well-fenced zoo as a warning, and as proof, that the GOP's attitudes and beliefs cause devolution.

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