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  • flyininmytaxi flyininmytaxi Nov 12, 2012 3:53 PM Flag


    He will if he stands his ground to the lobbyist controlled republicans. Contrary to what you fox news junkies say, his plans are actually moderate but even more important, necessary. The only thing I hear from the republicans is further tax cuts. Between the bush tax cuts that favored the wealthy and all the lobbyist written loopholes that were put back in since the 1986 tax reform act eliminated them, we cannot continue this course. As the election showed the american people are still willing to give him a second chance. I hope he stands his ground and gets the chance to do his job. I think we are running out of time, we all know we are running out of money.

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    • sdmiller4747 Nov 12, 2012 4:34 PM Flag

      Can you Obama supporters at least admit to yourselves that, just maybe, the President may be a communist sympathizer,if not a practicioner of the Dark Arts? Don't you think, just a little bit?

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      • I consider one to be more of a communist sympathizer that instead of hiring american workers in american factories, they prefer to close the american plants, fire the american workers and move production of their goods that will be bought by american citizens to cheaper labor countries like communist china. I don't consider the president who is trying to reverse this trend to be a communist supporter at all. Don't you think. For the past thirty years you have turned your manufacturing and your country's mortgage to the biggest communist nation in the world. Our money has helped make china what it is today. So you think, who is the supporter and who is the sympathizer.

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