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  • kcf_07757 kcf_07757 Nov 15, 2012 12:33 PM Flag


    McCAin -- jokes around blows up Forrestal flight deck .. gets removed immediately from ship spends next few yrs recklessly trying to make up for it by getting number of planes shot out from under him... --becomes war hero after capture... -- poor decision making

    Becomes Congressman.. ---1987 --- indicted as one of 5 Congressman in the Lincoln Federal bank scandal ... -- poor decision making...

    1999 loses GOP primary to Bush after SC rumor spread by opponent that he fathered a black child out of wed lock -- (it was his own adopted daughter from Banglidesh they made the story upon ) ... 2007 gop primary McCain hugs Bush after Bush gives his approval to him... -- greed overcomes honor... should have kneed him instead of hugged him...

    2006 McCain wants the USA to back the country of Georgia in their fight against Russia --on the Russia boarder-- for a past Soviet satelite country ... would have put 2 nuke powers in war mode--dumb... poor decision making

    2007 --- As oldest Presidential candidate in history -- picks the least qualified VP ever ... A decision that as a 72 yr old has dire consequences for a Superpower since he has a high % of dying in office as compared to other contenders... --- poor decision making..

    Got to take McCain`s announcements with a major grain of salt....

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    • If ever there was a good reason for term limits he is it.
      Something must be done to oust politicians who make their election a lifelong career, all parties not just Rebublicans.
      If eight (8) years is a Presidents maximum it has to be good enough for the supporting cast.

    • One thing that ---actually 2 things that McCain has done right --- pushed for election reform -- with the McCain Feingold Bill -- which the Conservative Supreme Crt gutted with the Citizen United ruling...

      And he use to keep a running account of Pork SPending by Congress --- which he gave up in 2000... which would have been eye opening if he had continued it since Clinton left office with the Congress using $12.7 Billion in pork... but Bush by the 2006 yr had his Repub Congress building that number up to $29 Billion in pork.... It wasn`t until `Dirty` Harry Reid got into office that the pork went back down to $12.8 Billion in 2008... when the Dems had control...

      McCain could have continued enlightening the voters about that if he had the desire... and probably wasn`t pressured by his fellow kill it.

    • You speak the truth. Republicans are so eat up with it, I just stand back and laugh. Like the only voting group they carried last week? Old white guys. Well? LOLOLOL

    • yeah we have much less to say about oBOZO's past, humm lets see... Raised by a avowed COMMUNIST, Became a COMMUNITY Organizer, kicked off his campagin in the home of a KNOWN ADMITTED TERRORIST, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn (Fact look it up) was a Senator for less then 2 years and always voted "PRESENT" so as not to committ to ANYTHING, then becomes the least quialified, worst president in the history of the US. Raises more debt in 3 years then all president from Washington to GW Bush combined, STEALS this past election as his labor thugs arrabge more people voting for him then even reside in MOST Counties. Thats about right.

    • If obamadixhead would release his records we would know something about him other than being a queer bluegum.

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