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  • usaf_ghost_rider usaf_ghost_rider Nov 17, 2012 10:22 AM Flag

    Military support (uber fire power) to Benghazi was just 16 minutes away


    - Scramble two-ship of Strike Eagles from one of five nearby military bases (30 seconds)
    - Eagles climb to 25,000 ft (30 seconds)
    - Eagles (in burners) head to Benghazi in Mach 2.5 (approx 1700 mph) (15 minutes)
    - Eagles on station overhead Benghaz available to conduct air-to-ground ops against targets

    At this point you now have approx 50,000 lbs of precision ordnance flying ovehead (compare that to the 40lb mortars being fired by the terrorists from trucks)

    One or two 500-lb laser guided strikes from the Eagles on the trucks and all that's left is to pick up the pieces. The only real decision here is where would you like "it" --- on the windshield, rear bumper, or on top of the guy sitting in the driver seat's head????

    Why the Obama Administration refused to cover our dead heroes backs over there is beyond me.

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