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  • juhuuuu900000777 juhuuuu900000777 Nov 20, 2012 1:10 PM Flag

    Free Health insurance for all


    SO what is the cut off for FREE Heath insurance? So why would employers nut cut your hours the EVERYONE'S on FREE INSURANCE and the country goes even more BROKE! Come on liberals lets ee how your 27900 page agreement works that was passed behind closed doors. Everyones gonna want FREE insurance you watch but we KNOW this was NOT about health care BO it was about a TAKEOVER
    of health care. PURE EVIL

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    • From what I have heard, Obama care will cost the employer $1.39 per hour for each employee. This will tear up most small businesses bottom line. This about $2,890/year per employee. Small company, say 15 employees, this is all most $45,000 per year. A loss of this much on its bottom line can mean close the business.

    • Since you people get free health care you don;t have to make that much money.28 hours will be your new hours. You voted for him now lets see how you like him in a few years,

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