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  • ebud1949 ebud1949 Nov 30, 2012 11:01 AM Flag

    Fiscal Cliff, Who cares........

    Well, I say go over the cliff or don't go over the cliff because I don't care. Congress and the Senate are fighting like children, send them home. Might as well they haven't played together for what, 6 years? Let Obammy make all the laws because you know what...I don't care. He can be president or dictator or king what ever he wants, ya know why...I don't care anymore, that's why. Entitlements you say, give them to everyone, obamma has the money, just ask him, he'll just take it from the rich guys. From now on the only people I will look after is my family and myself, because I don't care about anything else. I've been an Ameican for 64 years, have been charitable, civic minded, supportive of the Arts and left a pound of flesh on foriegn soil. Now we come to this dismal point in our America History and I just shake my head in disscust, but now I just don't care what happens, I'm tired. Just let whatever happens happen so we can move on.......I still say I don't give a rats @^% about fiscal cliff, obama or the children in WDC any more.

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