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  • eatatjoesforadvice eatatjoesforadvice Dec 4, 2012 9:13 PM Flag

    Ford group insurance and Obamacare

    We done herd that Firetsone Rubber & Tire has canceled early and regular retirees health group insurance. Be thankful Obamacare is to the rescue. What will be happening to Ford retirees? Plus we done read somehwere, a Comal County, that almost all general doctors won't take new medicares patients. Oncve again Obamacares to the rescue!

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    • Yes, we are reading and hearing about more doctors NOT taking NEW medcare patients. WHAT is Obama going to do about THAT?

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      • Well, we could go to a medical care system like France or like Canada with a bit more money. We would live longer and save up to $800 billion a year overall. Employers would not need to be involved in a Single Payer system and we would keep the mixed delivery system like we have. .
        The US currently has by far the highest medical expense in the world - 17 1/2% US GDP. France has just under 12% GDP, Canada just over 11%. Both have life expectancies years longer than the US which has the lowest in the Western developed world. Do the numbers yourself - US GDP is 15 trillion/yr.

        OT: US GDP is just over 20% world GDP which is impressive. We are too used to just spending without limits or long term thinking. Republican administrations, especially, have hyped the economy with debt. We have also taken to redistributing wealth upwards which means prosperous offshore banks. They have now added country risk to US investment too whether domestic or foreign. That adds inflationary pressure to the dollar since we still have a high negative balance of trade offshore.

        The Republicans are operating in the interests of their patrons and resist changing any financial arrangement. Their idea of financially fixing the US is now to cut life expectancy rather than corporate subsidies or welfare to their party's core areas. The financial sector and medical care over all eat 1/4 US GDP. Adding spending on the military subtracts from US security at this level as it puts us that much closer to broke.

        The reality is that the Democrats are now financially more actually Conservative than the Republicans and act more in real US foreign policy interests including in war. The Right is now the path to giving us a second 2008 Crash, but next time a Crash and Burn.

      • acdale Dec 7, 2012 10:49 PM Flag

        No one cares!

    • Ford retirees are covered under insurance provided by a VEBA Trust Fund. It is not run by the company and they have nothing to do with it.

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      • This is what actually took place, of course facts do not matter when you try to make political points
        just howl that something or anything is wrong, don't face facts or offer solutions just howl like dogs.
        Just how many poor companies are engaged in the field of medical insurance, do yourselves a favor and list them.
        The lack of a concerted attack on the problem of health care has resulted in this political demagoguery, the companies in the USA are at a disadvantage with foreign competitors who have national health coverage and yet are loath to say so. What unadulterated #$%$. that is they cannot even be honest and would rather penalize workers and retirees.
        The Detroit News reports that Ford retirees will be removed from the company retiree health plan in 2008. Instead, they will receive $1,800 per year in a health retirement account, which can be used towards Medicare premiums and out-of-pocket expenses. This is the latest attempt by the auto industry to reduce health spending by shifting costs to retirees. It is not likely to resolve the issue, however - we can expect more cuts in future years, affecting retirees, current employees, and new hires, until a more comprehensive, system-wide solution is in place.

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