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  • cure_time_varies cure_time_varies Dec 8, 2012 10:27 AM Flag

    Why is Mitt entitled to a 14% tax rate?


    Just 'cause. The game's rigged in favor of the takers like Mitt.

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    • curetime - instead of whining, why don't you do the same............make contributions to your church or favorite charity - that reduces your taxable income. Invest to make dividend income and long term capital gain income vs short term can enjoy that advantage as well.............of course obama will ensure that advantage is history.........

      I know, libs hate the rich, hate corporations, hate entrepreneurs, hate the successful......just full of hate.......what's up with that?

    • Why should Mitt have to pay more taxes than you? They earned their money, they should be able to keep it.

    • "Just 'cause. The game's rigged in favor of the takers like Mitt."

      As you know, corporations and the greediest, slimiest, most disgusting and richest people in the country - the One Percent - have been bribing our politicians for decades. Oh, they call it "contributing" to their re-election, but the results show clearly that the billions of dollars in contributions are nothing more than bribes. Bribes that enable power hungry politicians to keep their positions and to enrich themselves in the process. Plus, it makes their lives so much simpler - they can simply do what their One Percent masters tell them to do, and they don't have to worry about doing anything for those pesky 'little people', the voters.

      Today corporations and their lobbyists "help" write our laws and our tax code, They give their versions of these bills to their bought and paid for politicians who then sponsor the corporate-written bills. Then these same politicians vote for the bills they are told to vote for, completing the circle: lobbyist/corporate bribes, paid for legislation benefiting the rich and corporations, laws passed by corporate owned politicians to benefit their super-rich masters. And the screwing of Americans continues, helped along by the traitorous GOP and its clueless base of in-bred imbeciles.

    • Better yet why are professional athletes paid high salaries so we the people have to pay higher prices on tickets and whatever they endorse!
      Doesn't seem fair!

      Cure time you need to move back to your country of origin!

    • sdmiller4747 Dec 8, 2012 10:38 PM Flag

      I take it that you're not willing to invest your hard earned cash into somewhat risky investments like like Romney and other people when you consider risking your own wealth.

      I took risk of my own wealth years ago and lost $25,000 in one day.

      Government understands the risk of making capital investments. that's why the tax rates are set up the way they are. Sometimes you can lose and lose big. Other times you can earn yourself a small fortune IF you are willing to take that risk.

      If I were you I'd play it safe and just let the government tax you on your earned income.

    • Which presidential/VP candidate gave significantly MORE (percentage-wise as well as actual dollar-wise) than the other candidates?

      Which presidential/VP candidate gave significantly LESS (percentage-wise as well as actual dollar-wise) than the other candidates (i.e., which candidate was the SUPER CHEAP-SKATE)?

      If you ran a charity, which presidential/VP candidate would you want to give you the "bacon"?
      President Barack Obama:
      Income: $790,000
      Federal taxes: $162,000
      Tax rate: 20.5 percent
      Charitable donations: $172,000
      Percentage of income: 22 percent (not too bad, esp compared to Biden)

      Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney:
      Income: $13.7 million
      Federal taxes: $1.94 million
      Tax rate: 14.1 percent
      Charitable donations: $4 million (WOW! THE GUY THAT REALLY GIVES THE BACON!)
      Percentage of income: 29.35 percent

      Vice President Joe Biden:
      Income: $379,178
      Federal taxes: $87,900
      Tax rate: 23 percent
      Charitable donations: $5,500
      Percentage of income: 1.46 percent (WHAT A SUPER CHEAP-SKATE !!!)

      Vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan:
      Income: $323,416
      Federal taxes: $64,764
      Tax rate: 20 percent
      Charitable donations: $12,991
      Percentage of income: 4 percent

    • Mitt is yesterday's news. Get ready for a Jeb Bush/Marco Rubio run for the presidency in 2016. My bet is they will be the ticket and my bet is they will win. My guess is 2016 will be their year but not the year to be in the markets.

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