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  • dzeeman1020 dzeeman1020 Dec 19, 2012 9:12 AM Flag



    When will they realize America is tired of their "divide and conquer" attempts. They lost the election, lost Senate seats, lost House seats and were told by the vast majority of patriotic Americans to get lost.

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    • I think DEVISIVE is Divisive !

    • When they are writing their tax bill republicans claim $250,000 a year does not define rich and is really not alot of money to live on, but at the same time they fight to the finish any efforts to expand minimum wage to $8.00 or $9.00 per hour. Merry Christmas.

    • wow you lefty sheep have just watched your pres. demonize and generate real hatred for anybody and everybody that dares to work hard and succeed in this country and you are calling the rupubs devisive.

      you folks are as bad as the moonies, blind unconscious loyalty.

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      • If you are going to rant and rave would you please use a spell checker, I believe the word is DIVISIVE, you know like divide and konker ha! ha!ha!

      • "wow you lefty sheep have just watched your pres. demonize and generate real hatred for anybody and everybody that dares to work hard and succeed in this country a"

        You mean the people who raped America of her wealth, then hid the money in overseas bank accounts so as to EVADE paying taxes to help run the country that provided them with the opportunities that allowed them to accumulate their wealth? You mean THOSE people?

        Or do you mean the Wall Street investment banksters who gambled with other people's money, caused a market crash to rival that of the great depression. The crash lost loads of retirement money that many seniors were counting on, but which, thanks to Wall Street thieves, has evaporated. Are THESE the good people you mean? The good people who very nearly destroyed the American economy and that of much of the rest of the world. The thieves who lied to their own investment customers and sold them worthless "investment vehicles" while quietly betting against them behind their backs.

        You righties are amazing. You have no morals, no integrity, co class, and no brains. Yet you have the nerve to try and tell everyone else how to live. You republicans are puke. Hypocrites, plain and simple. The sooner the GOP dies, the better it will be for America.

    • I don`t know if anyone saw the article on Yahoo the day after the election .... the hack er group Autonomous claimed that they foiled Karl Rove`s super pac effort to screw with the voting machines in 3 key swing states.... and that if Rove continued in 2014 they would release all the data they had showing what he was up to....

      Don`t know if that was a real story but if it was.... God Bless em....

      And #$%$ all the politicians who refuse to push for election reform and electronic voting machines that would give the voter a paper ticket his vote to verify his selection.... seems like a simple tech that has been around since the first ATM 20 yrs ago....

    • Look up what Reagan`s old economic adviser --- Bruce Bartlett has to say about Republicans today.....

      Makes me laugh when I hear Repubs go around telling everyone their Reagan Republicans.... fact is that Reagan only had 6 yrs in office that were decent... cause like Bush Jr -- his last 2 yrs were the worst ever --- with 1100 bank failures and the largest recession since 1929 -- a record that only Dubya beat ....

    • acdale Dec 19, 2012 11:56 AM Flag

      What does this have to do with Ford?


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        YOU FIRST!!!

        Start with your cpo82002! Then maybe run the gambit with your chuckitout as a corpman, and then once you have evryones attention you could slither into your uawbigman and tell us about your two tours. And being this is the holiday season you then could round it all out with some high powered thumbs up with you kabookie section cheering all your aliases on, you demented old #$%$ loser.

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