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  • usaf_ghost_rider usaf_ghost_rider Jan 6, 2013 10:15 AM Flag

    Update on Ford Products - reliability in question

    I own almost 20 Ford products used in my businesses and personal use and as I mentioned before the holidays lost a 6.0L diesel engine in one of my trucks --- we know now it's related to EGR "soot/dirt" build up which caused the turbo to fail and then the head gaskets.

    The 6.0L is built by Navistar for Ford and I'm angry to say the least. Ford has lost $Ms on this engine and has had to "buy back" 500 trucks (e.g. F-250s, F-350s) with it installed.

    As for Ford's newer engines, such as the 6.7L diesel (I have in two of my newer trucks), it too is problematic. This is Ford's first go at a diesel and they suffer from motor/transmission/electronics issues like I've never seen --- Ford built this in collaboration with an Austrian company and I'd recommend they stick to the basics and get out of "building engines" ----- the 6.7L is a joke.

    As is usual for Ford, the 6.7L is "good" theory but horrible execution.

    - Ford now has no diesel engine supply since they burned bridges with Int'l / Navistar
    - Ford stole GM's "exhaust in the valley" engine idea
    - The turbo charger is little more than a tiny turbine with a huge compressor -- undersized to say the least and has resulted in many premature failures below 20K miles
    - Exhaust flow on these motors is horrible -- really supid design on the exhaust manifolds

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Failed to mention -- if you are interested in a Ford diesel truck try the 6.4L versions made in the 2008 and later trucks --- my experiences with these trucks is pretty good, unlike the newer 6.7L Fords.

      I'd recommend that Ford leave "engine building" to the engine builders and stick with assembly --- and do it HERE IN AMERICA (if they want me to continue buying new Ford products).

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