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  • dldole83ujnd8de98d dldole83ujnd8de98d Jan 9, 2013 5:16 PM Flag

    1 in 4 on FOOD STAMPS WOW



    keep them poor
    keep them dependent
    keep them stupid

    keep them voting (D)

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    • Yeah its Obama's fault not the corporations paying poverty wages and driving their employees onto food stamps. Idiot.

    • Do you think low wages come without a price. Someone has to subsidize the low wages if companies won't pay a decent living wage. Someone has to provide the healthcare if companies don't provide it. And the republicans say $250,000 is not alot to live on when it comes to taxes but the republicans constantly fight any efforts to raise the minimun wage to a little over $8.00 an hour. Try living on that. I am sure the guy making $8.00 an hour now doesn't feel $250,000 a year is peanuts. Companies love food stamps. It keeps the pressure off them to increase wages. Don't blame obama for food stamps. Nothing comes free, including cheap labor.

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      • Try living on that. I am sure the guy making $8.00 an hour now doesn't feel $250,000 a year is peanuts.

        So, why don't you go out and start a company, so you can pay these poor people a decent living wage?
        You sound like one of those high school dropouts who were more interested in getting laid, than an education, so you could get a good job.
        I bet when you heard the phrase " land of opportunity " you thought it meant: Free Cell phones, food stamps subsidized housing, extended unemployment benefits for lazy bums, and other government give away programs. Where in California one person got more then 6 months of mortgage assistance for $2,500.00 a pop. I for one am fed up with having to pay for all these 'poor depraved' parasites.
        When I was growing up, back on the farm, and someone was truly in need, the local church or the communitiy provided what was needed. Not the government robber barron Democrats.

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      • Why is it that the non achievers are always blaming the private sector for their woes. If you have no skills, you are paid mimimun wages. Wage scales are provided by Companies according to skills & eduction. You cannot expect a Company to pay the same wage for entry job as a high value employee with education, experience & skills. Detroit was paying fork lift drivers $80,000 a year because the Unions said so. A non Union educated, experienced highly skilled engineer was paid $70,000.

        There is no such thing as cheap labor! Those jobs are paid according to their economic worth to the Company. Low skills....minimum wages. High skills....higher wages!

        You see, I was paid $1,00 an hour for an entry job. Got my education, worked hard, proved a value to a Co. & my last job was a CEO for a Fortune 500 Co. Nothing magic, just self motivated & willing to work 10-16 hrs a day.

        We all have choices! You can blame the system & someone else for your non achievements or you be self motivated to be part of the American dream!


      • The whole problem began back in 1935 when the supreme Court ruled 5 to 4 that minimum wage was legal. It may be legal but idiotic.
        The gov't should not be involved in how much an employer pays his help.
        Gov't idiots are again talking about raising MW. Did you know that only 1.7% of work force works for MW. All MW does is:
        raises the cost of living
        reduces employment
        creates more poor people
        raises taxes
        moves jobs over seas.
        Only idiots believe that MW is good for the country and the economy.

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