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  • laylow1991 laylow1991 Jan 16, 2013 6:32 PM Flag

    Why in Gods name do we send billions of dollars to the brotherhood in Egypt.

    We need the money at home! They hate the U.S. and still they get money from us.
    Obama needs to put his foot down on feeding this terrorist country with our money.
    Morsi hates any country except the terrorists who continue to kill and maime others.
    He supports their unrelenting path toward the East in the name of Allah.
    The world is slowly being eaten away by Muslim islamists.
    And we are supporting them!!

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    • In God's name I had no Idea he was involved I thought it was the Congress of the United States of America as part of having influence around the world part of the bigger diplomatic picture you never will understand.

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      • It's a politicans world! We send 2.5 billion to Isreal & 1.5 billion to Egypt every year. One condition! They must spend 95% of the aid on military arms made in the USA. The other 5% is graft for the officials in charge. Crazy? Look it up!

        This is not a partisan post! Neither party has the guts to change this. Congress is busy arguing about gun control, cliffs & how to spend more money we don't have.

        In the mean time, the debt continues to climb without any restraint. We spend 3.5 trillion every year & take in 2.5 trillion. Do the math


    • This is not new. Since the end of WW II we have been doing this. Why? Because you elect idiots. We send foreign aid ready: To N. Korea; Russia; and China, along with aid to Iran and other countries that hate us. Elect idiots to govern us and you get idiotic practices.
      For every dollar we give to our haters we must borrow 53 cents. If this doesn't tell you our leaders are idiots, there's not much hope for you.
      Someday voters will wake up. Get rid of the "Me First Party". Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Rockefellow, Schumerk, and on and on and on.

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