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  • iluvamuffin Jan 25, 2013 9:43 AM Flag

    Nothing but good news,

    The big money has got a throttle hold on this stock it is manipulated day in and out just like the whole market, however like smalls said in an earlier post it is the only game in town and they own it. So I guess I'll stay and play, if nothing else I'll just stay around and collect the dividend. They upset wall street a couple of years ago in the January report and have been punished ever since. Some din the future maybe the stock price will represent the huge turnaround this company has made. The only flimsy excuses they are working on right now are Europe and the total fabrication of overbought. This stock should be easily over $15.00 now. Of course this is only my humble opinion. I do expect later on it will be above that by the end of this year, in spite of the market.

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    • You have to know that a shake out was coming this way...... Gota shake the monkeys from the tree before the serious buying begins!!

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    • True, muffin, dividend of 40 cents per year, while price stays at or under $15, keeps F's yield above the highest Treasury yield seen in the last 12 months for ten-year US Treasuries. Money markets yield less than Treasuries, so the math to justify staying in Ford is easy.

      Better yet, under $14, F's yield is WAY better than the Treasuries' yield, which stays well below 2%. Lots of money flowed into F this last month, for good reason. Shorts taking it down will merely lead to more bond-buyers shifting into F, as that makes its yield even better, driving price right back up.

      JB, Shaggy's mom

    • iluva, agree with your opinion.

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    • Yes, good news, but Obama motors will get most if not all future Govt contracts. This will hurt ford in a big way.

      Ford did it the old fashion way, they stood on their own two feet. Makes Obama Economics look stupid.

      Ford will pay the price!

    • The play for awhile had been to run it up and sell on the news. This is suspiciously beginning to look like the opposite. Personally, I don't mind F staying in this range for a bit as I've been reinvesting the divvy. I also believe we won't see a fair price on F until the government is done with the GM debacle. We saw F go too high for Government Motor's IPO, and drop too low as GM's price came down...all as Ford did nothing more than steadily stick to a well executed plan that has rescued the company and positioned it for continued solid profitability.

    • Just be patient. Not only is the divident great but their is great potential for it to be increased again as we get better news and results out of Europe and/or another rating upgrade. This is not only about increases profit and sales but also about the incredible cash flow that is about to be generated by their refinancing efforts. Most important..look at their cars! Everyone is talking about the downgrades but Edmunds is predicting a better than 20% sales increase for Ford in January.

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    • $18 sooner than later this year.

11.55+0.38(+3.40%)Feb 12 4:02 PMEST