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  • iluvamuffin Jan 29, 2013 8:35 AM Flag

    Ford Manipulation,

    It never stops. Here's a company that has reported a profit for the 14th quarter in a row, an 8 billion dollar profit for the year , beat the street by a very large margin, has cash reserves of 24 billion and debt of 10 billion. I could go on and on about the powerful lineup of cars and trucks but instead I will just say MANIPULATION BY WALL STREET AND THE HEDGIES.

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    • ur so right

    • Welcome to the Ford stock. This happens every quarter. One comment and down she goes while the great numbers are ignored.

      I wish the Chinese would come in and offer 20 bucks a share. I'd take it. What they hey everyone else sells America out over money why can't Ford.

    • They beat the street by 15 cents and they take this down because of the European BS. Europe is overblown. The Euro powers that be are not going to let Europe collapse and F already has a plan in place to limit losses. Total BS..............

    • yes this is the only explanation that makes sense

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    • Don't forget that Mullaly will be speaking at, I think, 9AM this morning. That might give a boost to the stock. Although I think their might be some manipulation, it is more about Europe. Adding $500million to 2013s expected loss takes a bit for the market to digest. Still I agree with Smalls post below that Lincoln will come roaring back. Word is that pre orders are highest since the 90s (when Lincoln was the #1 luxury brand for a few years) for the new Lincoln.

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    • livamuffin what never stop is you posting nonsense . So it was manipulation that took the stock from 2 to 19 ? Why then did nt you complain then ? Since you KNEW THEY who ever THEY are were going to force the stock down why did nt you sell the long position and short it ? Se covered calls ? As I said I felt a pull back would happen because of the Europe losses. So I sold off 2k shares a bit early but none the less. Furthermore you still discount all I EXPLAINED TO YOU ALL THESE YEARS have you seen that 7 of the best selling cars are NON AMERICAN , the UNION contract is coming up , the Lincoln line is dead in the water . AS I HAVE SAID ODES FORD HAVE ONE MORE RUN BEFORE BANKRUPCY we shall see. AS ALWAYS I AM INFORMATIONLOUIS just don`t want to change my email for this post say HI to SMALLS who sold off some and changed his tune a few weeks ago.

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      • 4 Replies to ltjzg
      • Your an idiot, the Ford family holds all of the Preferred stock and it will never ever sell it on the open market. The Rouge will never close, you are a fool sir, a simple fool.

      • iluvamuffin Jan 29, 2013 8:58 AM Flag

        Yes the big boys play with the price in pre market where they have a easy time scaring the small investor out of their stock, and pick up whatever they can cheap before the market opens or at opening and then let it run. Would they do that? You can bet your bottom.02 cents they would, they are after every nickle they can squeeze out of anyone. By the way this company who you say is going bankrupt just doubled their dividend, and I'm here for the ride. It will be on the way up soon. Europe loses you say, while they lost 1.75 million in Europe they still came up with a PROFIT OF 8 BILLION for the year, Get real.

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      • I'll be back in soon InfoL Two and a half years to play this gem before UAW contract comes back to roost. Lincoln will make a huge splash by the end of 2014. You can mark this post. Dang, I thought you had finally slithered away like the Xavier moniker.

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      • Ford has 3 cars in the top 10 for global sles. Europe is bad and I agree that is all the reason for the pullback but it will be fixed. Lincoln is far from dead. It was the best selling luxury line in the 90s and it can come back. Part of Ford's strategy with making good small cars is to build brand loyalty. Buy a small Ford car and like it and later trade up to a high profit margin Lincoln.

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