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  • barry_h18 barry_h18 Feb 4, 2013 11:46 AM Flag

    OBAMA to RAISE TAXES for all


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    • If you had paid attention during Bush`s first couple of years you would have seen a large number of independent economists that were warning against the size of the tax cuts he was contemplating.... As Greenspan said in his Congressional testimony regarding tax cuts ---`...they are appropriate to use to end a recession--but only modestly...` The Republicans crossed ouit that `modestly` part and gave us a Trillion dollar tax cut --- which in itself was big enough to put us into large scale red tape ---- with the promise by the Bush admin that it would boost the economy and jobs --- it did neither as attested to Bush`s record of being the lowest job creator since 1929 --- even lower than Carter....

      And if you went back a few years prior to that tax cut --during the Clinton years --- you`d remember all the talk in the news from conservatives saying that the Clinton surplus didn`t belong to the government -- it was excess taxes ---- something that the upper tax brackets wanted back and had the lobbying and $$$ power to make happen... via ..... Bush and Cheney simply taking the Clinton surplus amount of $550 Billion and doubling it to his Trillion dollar cuts ---- thereby being able to hide within the package the fact that 60% of that trillion dollar cut went to the upper tax brackets (bye bye Clinton surplus) giving the top brackets back their `excess taxes` and the rest of the country --- the lower 95% got to split the balance --- which is exactly why the majority of the population never saw much above a few hundred, if that, from that historic cut... -- it was a ponzi scheme run by an economic idiot and his right hand man that believed that `...Reagan proved that deficits don`t count...`

      Go back to the beginning and those tax cuts were the start -- and a steep start to our downward spiral into defcit funding.... which is why YES -- you will see taxes rise ----

      At Obama has the sense to raise taxes in steps as the economy heals slowly over time from the greatest economic crisis since 1929.... First step was raising taxes on the rich --who have benefitted from prior tax cuts for them from Reagan, Clinton and Bush Jr.... ---- But make no mistake --- we can not reverse this downslide in deficits unless eventually all of our taxes go up.... PLUS ... the economy continues to grow and create more revenue....

    • Done! Look at your pay check. Unless you are one of the 47% freeloaders!

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