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  • barry_h18 barry_h18 Feb 6, 2013 4:27 PM Flag

    when are Obama's Daughters going to the front LINE???

    it's fair to all. And balanced.

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    • They would set a better example by joining the military than their father did.

    • No. You are way behind the times. Our country is no longer defended by patriots, that is no one is drafted. We are defended by 'mercenaries'. Our military are all honorable people, but they have joined the military for the benefits that it offers, pay, education, medical, travel, r & b, etc. If I were just getting out of HS again with no real plans for the future I would definitely consider joining the military. I did this in 1950 when the pay was only $67.50/month. Today the starting salary is $1,700/month and the top salary exceeds $8,000/month for enlisted men with 30 years service. WOW.
      I do believe the best thing that has happened is the draft ended.

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      • You really are full of it aren't you Mercenaries are fighting men from another country and not all our military are honorable. The military is composed of volunteers so we have a professional army.
        Conscripts are no more or less patriotic then volunteers and 1950 was 63 years ago which is ancient history and who is interested in what you did then.

    • Why would they do that when after 10 yrs of being out of office obama will be closer to being a billionaire than a millionaire and the kids only 14 yrs older than now which puts them at approx. 27-29 yrs old or so.....

    • Just as soon as Robmey's sons dash of on a mission not for the Church of Latter day Saints but for the USA.
      I suppose it is typical of politics to go to extremes but bringing children into the mix is really poor taste.

    • His daughters are just kids, leave them alone, dumb as. Whatever they do, it is certain to be more productive and worthwhile than anything YOU will ever do.

      Here's a better idea, let's send your mother to the front. She can "entertain" the troops. That way she might earn earn a medal, instead of the two-dollar bills she's used to getting.

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