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  • dl6684 dl6684 Feb 11, 2013 2:18 PM Flag


    If you are on this message board. most likely you are not on welfare. i,m sure all of us have a few hundred thousand.leave the poor out of this conversation they have a hard enough time just to keep a roof over there heads.leave them alone we all do pretty something positive with your time,and work at a food bank. see what those people have to put of with. beg for a meal.

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    • I dont mind welfare I mind welfare abuse. There is a 7-11 next to my work that I go to a lot. Seriously 90+ % of people there pay with EBT cards and I know this because they have to swipe their cards on a reader off to the side. Young healthy able body people buying junk food with my tax money. They could work but why would they when they can eat 7-11 junk food for free and sleep until noon everyday.

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      • I do agree with you,but most of the poor have little skill.can you remember when we did make coffee. pots and all kids of hand built stuff. those people don,t have the skills for today. they can no longer work with there hands, the work is just not out there for low none skilled workers. like it used to be twenty years ago. Can you think of a country with out worker bees. that i think is the problem. Do you see how they the poor will never rise again. i,m sorry to say ,but greed kills all jobs for the poor. no disrespect to your views.

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