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  • dzeeman1020 dzeeman1020 Feb 13, 2013 7:47 AM Flag



    a speech written by a 6th grader dumbed down to the 4th grade level is hard work, Did his staff forget to tell this moron that his audience was filled with adults? And this is the future of the Repigs party? ROFLMAO, reminds me of the mess Bobby Jindal made of his rebuttal speech. What a bunch of losers the Reich-winghuts are.

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    • Isn't it amazing how things can turn out. The republicans invest a ton of money building up rubio and he blows it all with one bad speech and a clumsy grab of a bottle of water. Maybe its for the best. Maybe they will learn now that its not just the image that is created that sells, but the true content. Thats something the corporate guys better learn fast, because with the truth coming out in the internet now, they can't just wrap anything in fancy packaging and expect americans to be suckers and buy it.

    • Rubio gives a whole new meaning to duck and weave.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Obama the muslim communist needs more of our tax dollars to #$%$ away for nothing.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • It would be very interesting to see an investigation into the Rubio family ties to Batista and the maternal grandfather being here illegally. !956 was a year of uprising in Cuba and Batista was a real gangster who fled Cuba as Castro took over.

    • His awkward drink of water ruined the momentum of his speech. I was floored watching this happen. This is just the type thing upcoming Republicans seem unable to avoid - for some reason unknown to me.

      The Castro brothers from San Antonio make Senator Rubio seem a rank amateur and not in their league at all.

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