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  • oleoldtimer oleoldtimer Feb 20, 2013 7:12 PM Flag

    Obama's own words on gas prices

    Who can forget the President's response when CNBC’s John Harwood asked him if high gas prices would provide an “incentive so that we do shift to alternative means of energy?”

    Obama answered, “I think that I would have preferred a gradual adjustment.” In other words, raise prices slowly -- but clearly, raise them.

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    • The trade deficit in oil has been a hemorrhage from the US economy and was unsustainable. Fracked oil and gas is a big help - our US cat sometimes has 9 lives. Obama's lowering the dollar and the export drive help also. Gradual oil price increases help business and consumers to reinvest in vehicles and other energy consumption more affordably and rationally.

      President Obama is right - the USA cannot live on the national bar tab any more. Would you want the market to reduce consumption and allocate by pricing, or do you want rationing? Government controlling consumption and allocation is partial Socialism and won't work in the real world.

      The only medical plan that would help would be Single Payer like Canada or France. The arithmetic says that would save the US economy overall about $800 billion . Those countries also get Universal Care, no employer involvement, and substantially longer life expectancies out of it. In medical care it works and works all over the world. The Republican plan, their only one, to save money is to cut US life expectancy by years. Republican voters are lining up to drink the Koolaid.

    • " Energy prices will necessarily Sky Rocket.!!!!!

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