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  • westervilleskid westervilleskid Feb 26, 2013 8:13 PM Flag

    Republicans Have Only Themselves to Blame For Sequester

    WASHINGTON (AP)- It is looking more and more like the Republicans have a remarkably incoherent position on the sequester: It is a terrible policy that must be replaced with a cuts-only solution, they say, but there is no actual GOP plan that fits this description. Republicans seem to be hoping that President Obama will negotiate with himself until they are satisfied.

    But President Obama has wisely called their bluff. After all, while spending cuts may poll well in the abstract, the implementation of these cuts will prove extremely unpopular- and the public is prepared to blame the GOP.

    The Republicans deserve the blame: Regardless of the provenance of the sequestration scheme, only President Obama has been serious about defusing it. The Republican "all-cuts" position is not a compromise or even a fleshed-out policy proposal; it's an intransigent statement of a rejected ideology.

    Until the Republican accept the fact that they lost the last election, President Obama is right to apply pressure.

    If they feel cornered by the sequester's cost, then, it's a burden of their own making.

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    • Why don't you move too China and take your boy Obama with you.

    • sdmiller4747 Mar 5, 2013 10:43 AM Flag

      Democrats take in more revenue last year than any other year in history BUT are pushing for more tax increases even though taxes already went up at the beginning of 2013. So, what gives with the dems and why won't they cut back on Federal Spending?

    • Skewed again, huh?

    • President Obama is the one who came up with the idea for the Sequester. Also, the President has the say on where the cuts happen. However, Obama is blaming the Republicans for this. See how that works?

      The $85 billion is only 3% of what the Federal Government spends in a year. More than that needs to be cut in order to get spending under control and to reduce the debt, yet Obama and the media is playing this up like this 3% cut in Federal spending will wreck the country. The government needs to come up with more than a 3% spending cut to get the financial situation under control.


    • westervilleskid. Been a long time since I have posted some messages, always read yours. The Doctors have had a field day on me. 9 operations in the last 6 years However saw some kids 3,4,5,6,7, etc had cancer not going to make it. Well enough all I had to add was that it was the President who came up with the verbage Sequester, not a single Republican has ever suggested such a plan. The plan calls for more taxes just a few months ago a bill was passed by the Senate and the House that did raise every ones taxes including those terrible rich folks. The capital gains tax doubled so folks holding this stock if it ever brings in a few wells some where could finally grow say to $5.00 the tax you will pay makes you sick after hanging in there for years you had a bunch over to the government. Sorry westervilleskid was a bit off course.
      There are many things I have seen, heard, from watching Obama as a President.
      One thing fir sure he always has something to blame. First it was Bush now since the Republicans only control one of two lawmaking bodies it is the Republicans fault. They the house has sent to the Senate 2 spending bills the Senate as it has done with 30 new jobs bills have watched as Harry Reid simply tables the bills and the die. 30 jobs bills never had a chance. Republicans are not perfect but in the last two full years it is not their fault that Harry Reid tables every job bill. Obama seems helpless he could simply pick up the phone and tell Harry to get off his buttocks and do something, but I have found He is helpless in the face of opposition from his own party. Lastl the President is guitless. He runs from troubles. Few examples, when he ordered men and women to go to battle ready in an early Lebanon flair up he runs to South America for s golfing vacation. No President of either party has ever donem that prior. He runs to Hawaii when the whatever the dumb date was called the USA was going to crash flys back for a few days then back to Hawaii do you have any idea what that costs us? Yesterday he told all the reporters to get out of the room the Govennors were waiting for him to make a speech nevver heard nor saw another President do that and he was not a bit nice about it just told them to get out now there is the door. He mentally does not have what it takes to be a President. What would have happened in WW2 if FDR had the same mind thrust as Obama has we would have lost FDR was one of our greatest President, Have a good day evening good luck in your investing and Life. Rebadoggy.

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    • You mean Obamy is to blame

    • obamathedestructionist obamathedestructionist Feb 26, 2013 8:23 PM Flag

      whats funny is to see how the kenyan clown promotes who will be hurt but fails to mention it SHOULD be the obama phones, welfare loser, section 8 dwellers and government themselves. It is time for these worthless demoloser welfare leeches to start taking care of their children and stop thinking they are owed. The fact is the dems have this market locked via the vote buying programs of socialism. Welfare ricky you are the problem.

      • 2 Replies to obamathedestructionist
      • There is more fraud in the Veterans Benefits than in all of the welfare programs for the rest of the nation. As a veteran, I know whereof I speak. Over 360,000 VietNam Vets drawing 100% for 'PTSD', something they didn't have till they hit their 60's with only a small SS check coming. I know a dozen at each of my 4 clubs that are lying SOB's, only to get income that far surpasses any 'Welfare Queen's'. $3200.00+ a month for PTSD, TAX FREE, all it takes is a few lies to a psych Dr.. But everyone's afraid to talk about that! I'm not. I spent 93 days in a military hospital and have never filed for a single dime in disability. And YES I am a Life Member of the DAV. Republicans think I'm stupid because they call it 'FREE MONEY.' And they all Obama hating, Republican stalwarts.

      • Texas and metro Atlanta earn a living, Arkansas just barely, that is, net taxes to Washington. The other core Confederate culture area states between are welfare cases, fossils enabled by Blue State and Texas money. The fact is that the Republicans have that market locked.......

        Have the Republicans proposed cutting the programs that their core constituency live off? Hardly. How about the subsidies and tax breaks of their wanna-be plutocrat funders? Hardly. Their only program is to cut US life expectancy by years and send yet more money to insurance companies

        Unless you have a Caribbean bank account and a helipad, you need to be much more careful of what you wish for.....

    • obamathedestructionist obamathedestructionist Feb 26, 2013 8:17 PM Flag

      who proposed this mess. Education is the way out of democrat stupidity.

      • 2 Replies to obamathedestructionist
      • obamathedestructionist •
        who proposed this mess. Education is the way out of democrat stupidity.
        Education is the way out whether Democrat or Republican.
        If we were smart (and we are not) public education would be a priority of ALL citizens and not a political football.
        Why do people with means send their offspring to private schools ? Let me see some answers to that question.
        I would suggest that they understand that to retain their position and wealth education above redin ritin and rithmetic is essential.
        By gutting public education with a constant barrage of cuts, home schooling, religious schools, integration etc. etc. they keep the system in a state of turmoil which is to their advantage.
        How many of your local school board send their children to private schools or how many of your local school board went to public schools.
        The majority of the hoi polloi are so busy trying to earn a living that attending school board meetings and adding anything to the educational oversight is beyond them.

      • To be sure, education would be constructive. The whole US labor force has to move up market and education is the only way plus apprenticeship maybe. But at this point education would deprive Republicans of their voter base. It's good you are for it anyway.

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