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  • smalljobs54 smalljobs54 Feb 27, 2013 1:38 PM Flag

    Definition of Far Right (alias Nut Jobs)


    The far-right (also known as the extreme right) refers to the highest degree of rightism in right-wing politics. Far right politics involves support of strong or complete social hierarchy in society, and supports supremacy of certain individuals or groups deemed to be innately superior who are to be more valued than those deemed to be innately inferior.[1]

    The far right's advocacy of supremacism is based on what its adherents perceive as innate characteristics of people that cannot be changed.[2] This stands as a point of difference with the centre-right's attribution of behaviours, such as laziness or decadence, as the primary sources of social inequalities.[2] The centre right—unlike the far right—claims that people can end their behavioural inferiority through changing their habits and choices.[3]

    The original far right, which emerged in France after the French Revolution, refused to accept the French Republic and supported a counter-revolution to restore the French monarchy and aristocracy.[4] The far right is commonly associated with persons or groups who hold extreme nationalist, xenophobic, racist, religious fundamentalist or reactionary views.[5] The most extreme-right movements have pursued oppression and genocide against groups of people on the basis of their alleged inferiority.[6]

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    • We didn't electe "The Chosen One". You remember the guy who called Bush "unpatriotic" for presiding over a $10 Trillion debt. (Apparently $16.5 Trillion is much better). How about the guy who promised to close3 Gitmo in his first 100 days in office? Still open but no one really mentions that. Benghazi? Fagettabout it? Fast & Furious? Solyndra? GSA scandals? Secret Service #$%$? Most transparent administration in history? WAKE UP PEOPLE. The left wing libs are driving our country into the gutter by buying votes at the expense of our (and our kids') future. It's pathetic how the media gives them a pass and treats the community organizer like royalty instead of holding him accountable. Last time I looked, we didn't have a king. Where's Obama's budget, it's been 4 years....pass one! As a leader, he's a joke. All he does is campaign and whine.

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