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  • snthsnth1 snthsnth1 Mar 6, 2013 4:36 PM Flag

    Food companies are behind the obesity-fication of America.


    Food companies have known for decades that salt, sugar and fat are not good for us in the quantities Americans consume them. But every year, people are swayed to ingest about twice the recommended amount of salt and fat — and an estimated 70 pounds of sugar. We speak with New York Times reporter Michael Moss about how in his new book, "Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us." In a multi-year investigation, Moss explores deep inside the laboratories where food scientists calculate the "bliss point" of sugary drinks or the "mouth feel" of fat, and use advanced technology to make it irresistible and addictive. As a result of this $1 trillion-a-year industry, one-in-three adults, and one-in-five children, are now clinically obese

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    • Yes, and a result as we know is diabetes 2, and vascular/cardiac disease. Diabetes 2 is almost totally preventable, about a third of cancer is also preventable, as are cardiac problems. Alzheimer's will likely prove in between (?). These as really mass problems is coming on like a freight train to run over the medical care system - the medical care system given us by Pay-To-Play Washington that costs about 1/3 more overall in percent GDP than other Western developed countries that have years longer life expectancies. We pay 2X the world price for drugs and do not have Universal Care as they do either.

      The Republican answer for all that is to cut US life expectancy by 4-5 years - pull the plug while loudly accusing their opponents of their own sins as usual. Republican's think people should die in net worth order. That makes the aging Republican demographics suicidal. Republicans should remember that the next election when the wanna-be plutocrats try to buy your votes again. Think, these are NOT your Granddad's Republicans.

    • Liberals are too dumb to quit feeding their faces mindlessly. It's got nothing to do with Food Companies.

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