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  • totaltaxbill totaltaxbill Mar 9, 2013 6:44 AM Flag

    The 3 who quit the Communist News Networks

    The 3 who quit the Communist News Networks

    1. Tucker Carlson
    (CNN’s Crossfire and MSNBC’s Tucker)

    2. Glenn Beck
    (CNN daily primetime)

    3. Lou Dobbs
    (Lou Dobbs abruptly quits CNN, by New York Times)

    All 3 have been wildly successful at Fox, a capitalist tool.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • and joined the Fascist News Network.

    • I think Beck is right, Obama is trying to starve the Citizen's of ammo. Why else would the Government buy 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition and tie up all the manufacturers for years? The Government is turning on the Citizen's.

    • Where is the Ford message board?

    • sdmiller4747 Mar 9, 2013 9:04 PM Flag

      Heard Chavez's net worth was in the Billions! Venezuela is one of the poorest nations in the world. How can a character like Chavez take from the poorest of the poor? What an egotistical sociopath!

    • The Glenn Beck Program paid Hugo Chavez his due today, going over all the accomplishments the dictator achieved. From the rise in murder to the rise in his weight and wealth, Glenn covers all the wonderful ‘achievements’ that left Venezuela with runaway inflation and food shortages.

      The segment was full of red berets and fake tears, as each host took their time to mock the deceased Communist dictator. First to the stage was Pat Gray, who focused on the wonder that was the healthcare system under Hugo Chavez.

      “It is fitting that after making the Venezuelan healthcare system the envy of the entire planet Hugo Chavez refused to utilize it leaving more space available for the people he loved and he left a lot of space. The specialist kidney unit in Caracas has been completely empty for nearly a year. No one is there. Not a single patient. Doctors have been turning patients away ever since the hospital’s water treatment plant broke down months ago,” Pat said. “Fortunately Hugo, whom we just lost, made no one with kidney failure had to put up with a hospital with less than stellar water treatment.”

      “Hugo after being diagnosed with pelvic cancer left his country repeatedly for the slightly less topnotch yet still amazing stellar medicine of Fidel Castro’s Cuba. Yet because of his commitment to global warming he refused to fly to Cuba one more time for treatment. If he just gotten one more treatment from Cuba he’d still be alive today and so would the hopes of millions in Venezuela.”

      Stu then turned the floor over to Glenn, who delivered a wamrm, heartfelt…and mocking eulogy of the deceased communist leader.

      “Venezuela, no the world, has lost a great leader, has lost a great dictator and fabulous strongman. Hugo Chavez’s fourteen year of reign of wonderful socialism and heavy-handed oppression came to an end earlier this week.

      When Hugo came to power only 77% of the Venezuela’s economy was based on oil. Today it’s up to a robust 96% of the economy.In just 14 short years Hugo Chavez was able to rid Venezuela of nearly every industry other than state run oil. This as we all know allowed people more free time to relax.

      Hugo seized control over the military, the judiciary, the Congress, the banking system, the aluminum industry, cement, gold, iron, farming, transportation, electricity and food production. Also the electoral council and the media. That way those who used to work in those industries would no longer have to worry at night about those responsibilities. He was able to free Venezuela from the plague of private investment which dropped 43%.”

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