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  • questinator questinator Mar 19, 2013 9:31 PM Flag

    Book: American Icon, Alan Mulally and the Fight to Save Ford

    Have you read this book? I am 2/3 through it right now. I have read a lot of things I experienced, have read confirmation of some things I felt about some people and the company, and have learned a lot more that I was unaware of; the extreme of how dire things got. I knew Ford was 3 - 6 months away from liquidation but as to what all the circumstances were that put it there I was not aware.

    This book is an amazing read. Bryce Hoffman is one of my favorite Journalists as I feel he is one of the few who still holds the meaning of that title to heart. I appreciate how he does not spin his reports and merely presents the information to the reader without his commentary on it. If he does offer an opinion he says so. His book is written in the same, straight forward telling of the facts and how things went down. He had unfettered access to the Executives at all levels for this book, on top of his usual interactions with them while covering Ford for the Detroit News. He was the Journalist covering Ford for the Detroit News the whole time it was all going down.

    If you have not got this book to read yet, and you have any interest at all in why Ford still exists, you have to get this book. A company that went from staring liquidation in the face to record profits, while being a much smaller company, is incredible. Mulally did what no one else inside of Ford thought could be done, except for Bill Ford, and that was to change the corporate culture that had been established over the course of 50 years.

    No, I am not related to Bryce, lol.


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    • I definitely want to get the book. I read Iacocca's autobiography and liked it very much. It's amazing Ford lasted through those years given the arrogance of Henry. It's scary to think that Ford has come close to filing bankruptcy a number of times. I like to think that this time they have learned their lesson and will not face those management problems again but only time will tell.

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    • An excellent book.
      I highly recommend
      it to all those with a
      interest in Ford.

    • Q, I have a copy of the book, but haven't had a chance to read it yet.

      I'm reading a copy of Bill Vlasic's "Once Upon A Car: The Fall And Rise Of America's Big Three Automakers," and it is an outstanding book! We all know that GM was in denial about its condition prior to filing bankruptcy, but it is stunning to read just HOW much denial it was in!

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      • I want to read that book too, Fly. In American Icon he mentions how Mulally finds out just how much GM is in denial as well, and arrogant too. When Mulally went to Wagoner to talk car industry with him Wagoner talked to him like he was an old sage and as if Mulally just learned to spell "car." While Wagoner was trying to impress Mulally with his knowledge of the industry he said things that should have remained unsaid, but Wagoner's arrogance wouldn't let him shut up. This gave Mulally insight into GM's position and view of the market and indicated just how much trouble they were really in, and they didn't know it.

        These books are just great reads.


    • Thanks Q/Questinator- Bryce Hoffman , unfettered access to the Executives at all levels, formerly covering Ford for the Detroit News?? Will try to remember to see if our library has it. Am WAY behind on all reading, so might try to hit th main 2-3 chapters if you have some to recommend?

      JB, Shaggy's mom

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