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  • obozolies obozolies Mar 25, 2013 10:01 AM Flag

    Horse face Kerry showing up Hillary!


    The Little Misses should have stayed home by her man!

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    • Even though John McCain a NAM POW endorsed Kerry the 120 day Hero his first trip thus far is a flop.
      He is all over Iraq for letting Syria and Iran who is helping the despot in Syria remain in control. Mr, Secretary you go to Iran and Syria and tell them face to face. No Guts like NAM? New no fly zones in Iraq like in the days of Saddam? We fight a war there change things around not perfect yet by far but we pulled all our troops out. Then Mr. Secretary tell me why we still have troops in South Korea 35,000 fully armed, when that police action has been over over 50 years ago? Same with Gernany, and Japan why those three not Iraq we lost 4200 men in Iraq then pull out.. What is that Nation to do with A weapons next door and an army navy that drafs anything Iraq has. Yep you are real tough just like the 120 days you spent in NAM and then has the guts to tell Iraq we are going to beat you up if you let Iran fly over a portion of your air rights. What a joke go to one of your 5 homes your multi-billionare Wife wants you home so you can scoop the snow off the walks.

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    • Kerry is laughing stock of not only our nation bu throughout the worls. No one will listen to him, Iraq just told him to bug off and leave.

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