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  • streetvaluedea streetvaluedea Apr 11, 2013 10:39 AM Flag

    Lincoln sales are a disaster again-Dog of the dealership

    All in all, Lincoln sales fell almost 23 percent in March, with sales down from previous-year levels for every model. MarketWatch’s Quentin Fottrell reports that Lincoln was one of the month’s “dogs of the dealership,” or brands that performed poorly during an otherwise strong sales period. Karl Henkel of The Detroit News offers one reason why: Lincoln’s revamped and heavily promoted MKZ sedan, originally expected on lots in December, has been behind schedule, held up in some cases for additional quality inspections. Dealers “have had difficulty explaining to customers why their vehicles took months to arrive,” writes Henkel, understatedly.

    They just kill the brand already. Another Billion down the toilet.

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    • Ford closed Wixom Assembly the plant that made the Lincoln brand {along with T-Birds occasionally} and that was Fords exit from the luxury vehicle market.Modern Day Lincoln has no heritage,no conceit appeal.What Ford trys to pass off as a luxury vehicle is a Ford with trim updates.So,you can buy the $20,000 Fusion or the $50,000 Lincoln produced on the same line a few vehicles apart?

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    • I used to love the old Lincolns, when they were boats on wheels with suicide doors and convertible tops that flipped into the trunk, etc. But the recent models that I've seen -- the new, small, models are all butt-ugly. One of my neighbors owned one and I'll never understand what they saw in it. Almost every other car looks better, imo.

    • From what I've heard they are having a lot of quality control issues with the new MKZ. Faced with the choices available with the luxury car market I don't see how they will ever be able to compete. Ford keeps saying they will turn it around and right out of the box it's the same old overpriced Ford they call a luxury car.

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