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  • dzeeman1020 dzeeman1020 Apr 17, 2013 10:43 AM Flag



    Thank you Mr. President fro keeping us safe from all terrorists except the Repigs.

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    • No, but wire tapping, IRA targets conservatives, our Government does not take our ambassadors request seriously is allowed under Obama's dictatorship.

      I really hope you, dzeeman rot in heeeelll take your buddy curetime with you, your party is a disease that cannot be tolerated

    • Well a lot of people were badly wounded 3 were killed in the Boston Marathon. Buildings do not have to fall for the Killers Hezballah to make their presents known. 9/11 happened 235 days after Bush took office. He did not have a FBI chief because the Democrats had Mueller on Hold what for I do know. President Clinton had not Given Bush an update on Security, he was to busy fixing up his list of crooks and dopers to pardon. !70 were pardoned the last Hour President Clinton was President. President Bush got 0 advice no help yet when he left Bush that is spent hours helping Obama that is the way it is supposed to work. Do you think those killers on 9/11 learned how to fly 757 in 235 days? If so you know nothing abut flying. Why those buildings? East targets and not built to withstand that type of hit. Those Buildings were build so the main weight bearing walls were the outside walls, No asbestos fire wall above the 72 floor that is why the all collapsed to the middle of each structure. Any one in those days could pick up a set of as-builts. If you do not know what those are you should not be posting junk on buildings fallen.

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    • "In America you have a right to be Stupid"!

    • You’re correct, no building have fallen, but a terrorists explosion in Boston killed 3 people, Obama's homeland security had a warning from Russia and they ignored it

      Thank you Mr. President for not keeping us safe


    • Specifically dzee what have the Republicans done that is considered terroism. We have a Muslim President now supposedly converted to christianity.. He is sure slow when realizing his first religion grows and harvests terroists. Nothing wrong with being a Muslim that is their right and priviledges. However having never read the Koran, common sense tells you it does not edge on violence, killings, torture etc. However the small minority just like Hitler had can and do rule the day. DZEE you never have gotten it you never will. You think the 9/11 killers learned to fly 757, 767 in 240 days bring them down from altitube and hit those building? If so you need to kick your crack habit, and get back on earth. Bush did not have and FBI Chief until 5 days before 9/11. He was relying on Sandy Berger Clintons nation security Director Berger had been yelling since 1996 Iraq had WMD. Bush kicked him out when his FBI Chief took over. The most skilled pilot was the one who hit the Pentagon few commercial Pilots are able to fly a heavy body that close to the groud keeo it there and hit there target. No more building fell once Bush revamped our anti-terroists programs. If your buddy Clinton had not been busy defending the Perjury and Obstruction of Justice charges against him, and he lost the cases lost his Lisc. to practice law. nice close out leaves Bush with a bunch of killers.

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    • No buildings, just Nations. As well as Freedom.

    • Have you been to Benghazi lately?

    • 5 times terrorists have hit in the U.S., do you think more of buildings than human life, figures

    • The FBI had one of the Boston Marathon terrorists in custody for questioning last summer and LET HIM GO. The Fort Hood shooter had also been identified as a possible risk to commit a terrorist attack and was given a pass. Hardly "keeping America safe." How many other Islamic extremists have been identified but allowed to continue their plotting?

      Oh, yes--Homeland Security is MUCH more concerned with military veterans because ALL of them have been identified as possible domestic terrorists according to DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano.

    • You posted Dzee that a building fell and you missed it. Read history dzeee the date is 9-11-2001 George W Bush had been President all of 230 days. The Senate lead by Democratic Senator Daschel had a hold on Bush nominee FBI director Mueller thus Bush did not have a reliable person he could reply upon for possible terrorists strikes. You do remember the USS Cole, the Murta Building in Oklahoma City Bombing, the first bombing of a World Trade Center Building all on Clinton watch. And you remember nothing?

      The building that fell dzee was one of seven World Trade Center buildings one of which had already been struck in 1993. 3,000 Americans died on that day Dzee the day you do not remember. It was a disastor, however it never happened again until the Boston bombing last week. Seems like Bush protected the nation real well. Starting from scratch he rebuilt out intteligence operations especially for terroists operations.
      No deaths DZEE in 12 years. Bush did an excellent job of protecting Americans built the first anti ballistic missle system, built the first done system I hope it is not misued. We have lost three Ambassadors yet cannot find out what happend. Bush was on top of smoking ruble while clean-up was going on dressed like a worker not a black suit and tie for photo ops. Obama to this day has not visited Boston yet only to give a speach in a church. Obama is gutless period. enough said.

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