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  • electiontabulator electiontabulator Apr 28, 2013 4:57 PM Flag

    Every democrat said Saddam had WMD

    The CIA said Saddam had WMD
    The FBI said Saddam had WMD

    Were they all liars because it turned out they were wrong?

    Bush never lied to anyone, not once, not ever.

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    • The truth is Saddam HAD WMD's. He used poison gas, a WMD, on his own people. We keep talking about Syria's WMD's-poison gas. So get it through your hard heads, Saddam had WMD.
      What screws up people's head is the definition of WMD's.
      Iran is working overtime to create the ultimate WMD, nuclear bombs.

    • "Every democrat said Saddam had WMD"

      Yes, george w, bush and his administration of future war criminals did a brilliant job of selling their deadly lies.

      It's sad that many republicans, even today, are too ignorant and brain-washed to accept the truth about george w. bush's treachery. They would rather see America destroyed than admit republican guilt in dividing our society and gutting our economy. Good Americans CANNOT allow traitorous republicans to forget or to rewrite history; they are GUILTY.

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