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  • barry_h18 barry_h18 May 1, 2013 4:02 PM Flag

    RECORD number of people on FOOD STAMPs under OBAMA

    votes are costly these days. we all pay and make sacrifices.

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    • "RECORD number of people on FOOD STAMPs under OBAMA"

      It's sad that republicans are such selfish, heartless, pigs. Most of the suffering we've had to endure for the last decade was caused by the republicans. Bad, no, AWFUL, republican policies going back to "B" actor ray-gun. And george w. bush-hole and his never-ending wars (and simultaneous tax cuts) and his enabling of the corrupt Wall Street bankers led to the near destruction of America.

      republicans are the DIRECT cause of the financial meltdown, the high number of people who need food stamps, the decline of the middle class, and they are the reason so many thousands of Americans lost their homes.

      You GOPer base turds can lie to yourselves but we will NEVER allow you to forget your traitorous acts.

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