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  • May 4, 2013 2:05 PM Flag

    Just think where FORD stock would be if all on this message board were investors.

    I really think the stock would be double its value.

    80% of the 42% are not working, no savings, no 401K, no retirement plan.

    Action plan:
    The sheeple here, must learn how to invest. The unemployed here, must get an education, the 42% must dig themselves out of the gimmie syndrome. But it must be hard without self esteem, because government will not deliver personality or ambition.

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    • My first visit back to "F" msg. board since 2009......bought $10k worth at $1.52 during the crash, sold $6.75 through $13 over a short period of time. This board sucks for any investment info of value about "F".......political crapola mostly. These numb skulls should stick to Facebook. I can't justify any comments from a message board having any effect on market price of "F" or any other stock other than a pump & dumb play.....JMO. Buy low, sell high, take your dividends in cash to buy another value stock, don't get too greedy,
      and never trust wall street, or Jim Cramer's, "The Street.

    • your favorite action plan is wrapping your lips around larry craig's lovestick in stall #3

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