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  • roman_warrior65 roman_warrior65 May 5, 2013 11:17 PM Flag

    Israel has no right to occupied Palestinian lands: Scottish church


    The Church of Scotland says Israel has no right to the occupied Palestinian lands.

    In a new report titled “The Inheritance of Abraham? A Report on the ‘Promised Land,’” the church said Israel’s claim to the occupied territories could be invalidated by its treatment of Palestinian people.

    The report will be voted on by the 700 church members who attend the annual general assembly later this month.

    If the paper is passed by a majority, it may become "the considered view of the Church,” a spokesperson said.

    The report also calls for the church to consider backing “economic and political measures involving boycotts, disinvestment and sanctions against Israel focused on illegal settlements.”

    Moreover, it calls on Christians to lobby the UK government to put pressure on the Tel Aviv regime to halt its illegal settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territories.

    “Christians should not be supporting any claims by Jews, or any other people, to an exclusive or even privileged divine right to possess particular territory,” the report said.

    Palestinians refer to the May 15, 1948 occupation of Palestine as the “Nakba Day,” which means the Day of the Catastrophe in Arabic, to mark the expulsion of more than 700,000 Palestinians from their homeland almost 65 years ago.

    Israeli forces have wiped nearly 500 Palestinian villages and towns off the map, leaving an estimated total of 4.7 million Palestinian refugees hoping for an eventual return to their homeland more than six decades later.

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    • Go screw yourseldf you douche.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • The Greek Pharoahs referred to the area along the mediterranean and the mountains (from Syria on down) as Palestina. 500+years later (just after the time of christ) the Roman emperor renamed the area Sarya-Palestinia. ///// Before the Greek pharoah's reign(s) the Egyptian Pharoahs refered to the area east of the Nile as arab. The wandering tribes of the area (nomads) were often rounded up and pressed into service. And later deported as Egyptian rulers changed. ///// Is the referendum for Scottish independence this summer.? Will the English invade and occupy again.?

    • The fact is the majority of Palestinians lived in Jordan until King Hussein kicked their sorry butts out.

      As for Israel, it took a desert no one wanted and made it bloom. Then suddenly all the goatherd towelheads claimed it.

      • 1 Reply to juanruiz1330
      • wiki pedia has a lot of good stuff you can read about the area. The whole area has always been calle Palestine. Read about the formation of Saudi land. (get a glimpse of what it was like by watching Larry of Arabia). Some Caliphate in Mecca lost his job as boss there when Faud kicked the British out. The British took their man out when he was replaced by Faud as the chief of Mecca. They transplanted him and his entourage as king of the new state of Jordan. There are two kinds of Palestinians in the area called Jordan. One, is those who were born there. But there's also a lot who were born in the area known as Israel now. After WW2, as the British made plans to leave the area, there was supposed to be another state called Palestine. But the zionist said "me too". when the British said no, the zionist planted roadside bombs to hasten the British exit from the area. The man known as the G.Washington of Israel even planted bombs in British barracks. In one attack, he was trapped as British soldiers were returning. He hid under the only concrete structure, the stairs and survived as the wooden structure was blown to bits with much loss to the British military lives. He became known as Ben Gurion and was the first Israeli PM. Back then 1946-47, the UN did not want to recognize Israel as a nation. Israel was just a series of villages (Kibutz's=communes) that dotted the Palestinian landscape. In order to form a contiguous mass, the zionist resorted to terrorism. Masacreing whole Palestinian villages until word spread up and down the coast that the zionists were coming. Just the word that the zionists were coming emptied out whole towns. Things were so bad that the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem wrote the UN in 1947 not to recognize the zionist nation of Israel. To put it mildly, he called them bloodthirsty crazies. It was only H.Truman that pushed recognition through the UN. H.Truman. Just before the 1948 elections. Money? Skeletons in the closet.?

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