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  • repubs_r_losers repubs_r_losers May 13, 2013 8:33 AM Flag

    Nothing Will Save The GOP


    6 straight years of failing on everything they have tried....


    Poor pathetic losers.

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    • bullbarrell Jun 10, 2013 1:19 PM Flag

      The only proplem with that is the #$%$ libs have been in charge for the last 7 years!!!!

    • GOP does not need saving you liberal left wing Dumbcrats are falling on your own home built corruption. Ex-Mayor Daley corruption "never met a dead person who cannot vote" with AG Holder lying like a dog as he is under oath, the Gestapo IRS head lady who learned from Daley how to lake the 5th after testifying, now still drawing $180.00.00 a year. You talk about working the system she is the worst. Even you libs should be PO. But no you think it is great. Corruption spelled with a big C is the underpinning of Obama's rule. By the way the Democrapts took power on 1-1-2007 and you still got it today. You control the Senate and what you call a President maybe some day People will realize how much Obama has hocked this nation flooded with debt nothing to show for it, who is going to pay the tab? Dzee and his 26 aliases?

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    • I'm sorry, I missed it. What did they try to do?

    • The GOP is drowning is a cesspool of its own making. It's filled with countless lies, corruption, decayed and withered morals, a total lack of ethics and integrity. War crimes and torture and false imprisonment are among the worst GOP "accomplishments" and they contribute greatly to the GOP cesspool's foul odor.

      After their 2012 trouncing, some GOPers made noises about how they had to become more rational, how they had to "reach out" to minorities, and had to become a more inclusive party - if they were to continue to be a viable party.

      But, is a short time, the same maggots who have ruined the "grand old party" and caused its decline, were once again spewing hate, making 24/7 racist remarks, and calling for the GOP to become even MORE intractable in its extremist conservative views. So the GOP now finds itself divided and at war with itself. Intelligent GOPer have either left or been marginalized - and right wing loons rally and scream and help elect loons like themselves. And the downward spiral continues. RIP, GOP.

    • I thought Bush was no longer President. You must be logical to some extent now that Obama is in charge.

    • Hey 'repubs_r_losers" you re collecting your liberal welfare and food stamps program so why are you complaining about the Republican senate?? You certainly cannot blame the Republicans for your life's failures! You chose your own path of destiny so get over it...................Thomas

    • Jeb Bush/Marco Rubio. They won't save it, but they sure will take it over, lead the way, and be your next president/vp of the United States. That's my bet.

    • It does not need saving. With Obama, lying like a dog who cares. He will be lucky if he remains in power his 4 years. The IRS is auditing his oponets, Benghazi will not go away now that ABC, CBS, and NBC have caught the small of blood. What Nixon did is peanuts to what Obama has done and is doing. Hillary lost her chance at being President if in fact she ever had a chance.she she testofied before the Senate. Troops were told to "stand at arms" Then told to *stand down" twice this happened thus our Ambassador to Lybia was murdered and two Naval Seals and one Consulate guard. Only the Commander-In-Chief can do that.
      Who is the Commander-In-Chief? President Obama and you think he is so great. He is gutless, lets Americans die, he cannot call a little part of Muslims who killed and badly wounded 225 people in Boston killers. He was a Muslim before converstion, the change over did not do much good. Sad part 99% of the Muslims are good people, however the 1% has murdered 100;;s of thousand of people.

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    • obumble will save the GOP with his seconds term.

    • True, Obama has carried out every devious threat he's made. When he told Boehner that he would destroy the Republican Party, he meant it, he will do it. May even use his own private army.

      Republicans must not register to vote as a republican, you will be on the hit list.

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