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  • cutecolgateguy cutecolgateguy May 17, 2013 2:58 PM Flag

    4 questions that need to be answered


    Who pushed the video?
    Who gave the stand down order?
    Who gave approval (encouraged) to the IRS to target conservtive groups?
    Who's going to jail?

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    • Who Pushed the video? The Mossad. Who gave the stand down order? U.S. military. Who gave approval to the IRS to target conservative groups? The Corporatists. Who's going to jail? No one.

    • To the 4 who gave this a thumbs down: why? Don't you think it's important to know the facts....people are dead and didn't need to be. ren't you concerned about the IRS' targeting should be, you could be next. You may not think so, since you're obvious libppery slope and a huge abuse of power. Would you be giving thu\ms down if Bush was the president? Ya, that's what I thought. Total ideological lemmings who don't see what Obama is doing to our country. Most corrupt, inept, lying hack of all time. I guess that's what we get when we elect a Chicago Community Organizer with no experience and a single ability to read a teleprompter. Hope &'s that working out for America? I guess the debt clock, foods stamp rolls, gas prices, isurance premiums and unemployment numbers can answer that question.

    • #1 should have already found out...not difficult to trace.......

    • #5...where was the the dope during the time period 5pm to 7 am the following morning??

    • The latest excuse for not sending help to Benghazi is that "they couldn't have gotten there in time". But who knew that on the night of the attacks? The terrorists could have continued their attacks for many more hours or even days, for all anyone knew that night.

      Barack Obama is famous for dithering before deploying American forces. He likes to have days, weeks and months of study, analysis and meetings first.

      And nobody is talking about what Obama was doing the night of the Benghazi raid. We know H. Clinton was up, because she talked with the Dep. Ambassador that night. Where was Obama? Was he sleeping or dithering? .... Paralyzed when confronted with the need for immediate deployment of forces to help in Benghazi?

      That would certainly explain why the story of an internet video as the reason for a "spontaneous demonstration" was concocted and then clung to / repeated for weeks by Obama and his minions, despite the fact that the leadership knew it was an Al Quaida affiliated attack from the outset. The "internet video" excuse meant that the guilty party could be rounded up and jailed in the U.S. and no need for military deployment.... And Obama's failure to order .... or stopping .... help to Benghazi could easily be rationalized away.

    • Same person on all 4, let's put it this way, Joe the alcoholic Biden will be the next president.

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