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  • libsblowobama0087 libsblowobama0087 May 22, 2013 11:00 AM Flag

    November 4th '08 - Dow @ 9625, January 21st '09 - Dow @ 7949 Down almost 18% due to Obama...


    The day after the election on '08, THE VERY NEXT DAY, the DJII dropped over 5%, the S&P dropped about 5.3% and the NASDAQ dropped almost 5.6%.
    This was due to Obama's election.
    This slide produced results such as this...Dow dropped 18%, S&P lost 20% and the NASDAQ plunged over 20% by January 21st.
    Cheap money drives this market.
    Throwing trillions out of a helicopter makes for real cheap money.
    BTW...Bush Dow = 14127
    So, you see, Obama caused a 20%+ sell-off in the marketplace before he even showed up in January'09.

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    • once again dogblower presents a snapshot that equals an attempt to show a bad moment, while the figures are true, heres what dogblower left out, in Busheys 8 years the stock market was down on average 2.4% per year. Os term markets have averaged +20% per year, concidering how bad the first 3 months were thats quite the accomplishment, time for your meds dogblower go lie down before you pop a vein or something, speak dogblower speak

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