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  • obamaontopofhilliary obamaontopofhilliary Jul 1, 2013 2:20 PM Flag

    Explain Zimmerman's injuries, who did this to him??


    Let's see, BROKEN NOSE, injuries consistence with head slammed on concrete. The liberals want to make it illegal for people to defend themselves with legal guns.

    If I find somebody #$%$ around in my backyard I am going to confront him. If he decides to beat my head into the pavement because of it, I would do exactly what GZ did.

    I have that right, not because some #$%$ cop or politician says I can but because survival is my instinct.

    Martin got what he deserved. Deal with it.

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    • 'obamaontopofhilliary' Why do you and others waste so much idled time energy posting garbage on this board?? I am certain you can find much more useful and constructive things to do. This is 'The FORD MOROR COMPANY' board for FORD related topics, and not political, racial and other useless information like Zimmerman. Who gives a #$%$ about him or politicians whether GOP or DEM.................Thomas

    • This whole sad affair was because a kid was thinking like a kid and a "newly minted" adult was brought up to think a certain way. The legal age of adulthood is 26. The biological age is 27 when you create your last brain cell. Under the super-vision of adults, laws were created for him to follow. One of which is you can own a weapon. If you don't want to register it you can buy one from a gun show. (40%). And you can use it anytime you "feel" threatened. Which means you can start an argument. If the other person feels threatened and pulls a gun, you can just shoot them first. In theory, you could walk into an establishment, say something to the cashier/owner, and if they pull a gun, you can shoot them and claim self-defense. If all this sounds like legalized lawlessness, it is. Where is the wisdom of lawmakers. Who think more of making money for themselves and their friends than the public good. There is no simple answer to the problem. But a good start would be not to compound the problem. If i was to make law, i would have everyone pay to get a permit to buy a gun. And once a year, like a car, they would have to re-register and show they are in possesion of the gun.. Why not. We already tax and keep track of an article whose only purpose is to go from point-A to point-B. Why not tax an article whose only purpose when used as intended is to bring about the cessation of a life.

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      • Why not require everyone who votes for the highest office in our land to have a photo ID? Seems like you have no problem taxing the #$%$ out of law abiding citizens who have a right, under the Constitution, to defend themselves? Shouldn't those who are able to elect our president be required to show proof that they are who they say they are and are legally eligible to vote? By the way, the legal age of adulthood is 18 and it appears your last brain cell was created way before you hit that milestone.

    • there is still one strange thing. His demeanor after the incident. He was calm when the police arrived. Deep in thought. Usually after fighting for your life, especially after physical exertion, you are filled with adrenalin and your pulse is going 150 or more. The normal response would be the letting out of that adrenalin by a celebration either verbally or physically. Apparently to Zimman the danger was still there. And all of his energies were concentrated in his brain. You see it in chess players who look very calm as their pulse reacches 150. In poker players at the final table. in surgeons when something unexpected happens. And in people who know they have done something wrong and need to piece together an alibi as fast as possible. Which means he has to pick up clues from what witnesses are telling officers. Hence it was he who was stradeling the other man in the dark trying to subdue him when TM, through his magic of clairvoyance knew he carried a gun and which side it was holstered (rt). And if that was the case, then the first one with their finger on the trigger won. (huh.?) And the story evolved to TM was on top him in the dark, with his knees up to his ribs, and through the power of quickness, was able to teleport his hand through his thigh and bring the gun through his flesh, and GZ grabbed it and took it away. (huh.?). 3rd possibility. ..... TM, by now completely lost in a strange neighborhood, decided to get back on the main road again so he could find his way back home was met by GZ in the dark and confronted the stalker who pulled the gun on him and was ready for any action. Sure he could have told the kid. Hi. I'm GZ from the neighborhood watch program. and please wait with me while the police arrive. Just trying to keep the neighborhood safe. I hope you understand. But it was not meant to be, because through his power of clairvoyance, GZ already knew he had caught the terror of the neighborhood.

    • There is another theory that TM was CLAIRVOYANT. He knew GZ was carrying a gun and knew where it was and went for it. Which means he had his finger on the trigger first and GZ is dead. Another theory is GZ had his gun out and had his finger on the trigger first when he confronted TM. Since TMknew of the "stand your ground law", he struck out first. Which means the kid thought either way, this was going to be his last day on earth and had nothing to lose. He probably gabbed the gun, swung, and they both fell into the curb. (cut on the back of head). Since you will not get the gun away using one hand, both used two hands. But Zimmers fingers were already on the trigger from the beginning so the outcome was ineveitable. GZ went looking for trouble. Found it. And his actions caused the death of a teen walking back home with a bag of skittles in one hand and a beverage can in the other. Several weeks earlier, he saw two men talking next to a white impala talking. (joking). He called the police but did not confront the two MEN. But this teener with skittles and soft-drink was too much to resist. GZ is a head case. Some people shouldn't be allowed to register to own a gun.

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