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  • moe.larry_curly moe.larry_curly Jul 2, 2013 7:30 AM Flag

    Liberals say you must hide and cower from criminals. Or suffer. Media helps the libs


    The media never reports on kennasaw, a crime ridden city who passed a law that all home owners must own a weapon. 25 years latter, zero murders by guns. The media prosecutes citizens who try to community organize their neighborhoods citizens to help keep the entire neighborhood safe. Yes, the media helps. NBC told one of the biggest media lies of all time when they edited the dispatch tape to make "White George" a racist. Now George suffers. I copy and pasted a most excellent post below. I wish I had wrote it. I thank the original author. Please note that the full transcript of the 911 call shows that Treyvon ran and was no longer in sight. The only possible explanation is that Treyvon did if fact hide and then jump Zimmerman.

    "George called police and upon their request provided a description (observes and report, remember?). Martin, a 6’4″ 17 year old athlete did not run away from Zimmerman, he did NOT call police for help, and did not return to the home where he was staying to take refuge. Instead he attacked a man much smaller than himself and commenced to beat that man into the ground.

    At no time during the assault did Martin attempt to flee, or otherwise find safety. Clearly his intent was to injure or kill Zimmerman, who while pinned to the ground and being beaten in the head and face, lawfully used force to stop the attack against him.

    The people demonizing Zimmerman by dishonestly spinning the facts of the case to portray Martin as an angelic 12-year old despite the clear evidence to the contrary are simply delusional Martin was a thug who chose the wrong guy to throw down on and paid the price for his lifestyle of drugs and violence".

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