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  • runalailaz runalailaz Jul 2, 2013 11:24 AM Flag

    When Crammer Pumps I Dump

    It will not hold above $16 and I dumped all my F

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    • FORD. Cr@mer-watching used to be true coming out of the recession, when people were not sure how to value things. Now, its best to do your own due diligence. He still has a following, but the bigger people who short solely to oppose Cr@mer have mostly stopped. There are better ways to pick short targets.

      PUNDIT OBLIVION. That said, I've been 25-50% in cash in varied accounts since April-May, when pundits started saying the market looked toppsy to them, that too many stocks were bullish. Too many (lazy or cagey?) failed to say WHICH stocks deserved to go down.. The risk fo us is that "they" take down everything (stereotyping), and not merely what's over-valued.

      SWINGTRADERS MONITOR EXCUSE-MAKING. Europe and china, both, have been used as excuses to take down everything, hence the recent correction. People who "swing trade" (in-and-out occasionally, instead of often) apparently felt that was over for now and came back in last week. I would have liked to participate, but may have to leave town soon, so can't watch see if somebody finds a new excuse to stereotype.

      Europe & China should wear out as excuses by Fall. That said, F is still one of my main holdings, less risky now due to dividends, so less need to watch. If worried, people who hold can check its P/E and div yield against the staples sector..

      WHAT'S BEEN OVER-VALUED? Analysis showed which over-valued sectors inside the S&P 500 pulled it up "too fast" (RSIs went over 70 and stayed there). Those with too high P/Es and RSIs over 70 were largely staples. Their "up-move" began last Fall as the Japanese de-valued the yen and the carry-trade (not necessarily Japanese, but reacting to the Japanese). moved investment money to the US. Looking for "safety" and higher yields, my guess is they too often limited themselves to US brand names that foreigners frequently buy, which meant buying staples. The correction brought their numbers down. Maybe not enough? Don't know.

      JB, Shaggy's mom

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      • I think what brought the market down recently was due to Tapering and potential higher interest rate "someday." Eventhough, this is good long term, the market reacted negatively, and the excuse for the market to go down. That was the time to buy, which I did buy more Ford at 14.90. Fear rules the ignorant. F is set up to do well, as well as TM, you can't beat them. TM was recently 131, then the pullback and it went to about 113, maybe less, now it is 124, damn good. F will probably get to 118 by the end of the year, maybe more, but it will still be hard to sell, unless you want your profits.

    • YOU stupid S0B do you really think F is up because of Cramer!

      Just look at the sales growth both in the US and internationally....

      Cover your short or die poor.


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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