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  • moe.larry_curly moe.larry_curly Jul 16, 2013 8:06 AM Flag

    trayvon, 6'-2" of muscle jumped zimmerman, broke his nose and really put a beat down


    on a smaller man who was just walking back to his truck.

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    • Martin was 158 lbs, Zimmerman was 204 lbs. Zimmerman outweighed him by almost 50lbs.

    • Trayvon was a jerk, but the only things better about Zimmerman was that he was armed. Now use your head:

      1) Zimmerman was on neighborhood watch, safe in his car looking at this kid. He called the cops...he did not need to get out of his car
      2) Zimmerman then goes to look at a street sign because he apparently doesn't even know his own neighborhood
      3) Zimmerman armed with a pistol, then turns his back on Martin long enough for him to get in close. (I don't know about you but if I am armed I am not letting someone get that close to me before I draw down on him)
      4) Martin, though hardly a saint, was not doing anything illegal at that moment. There was no reason for Zimmerman to interfere other than call the cops to investigate.

      Long story short, Martin was headed down this road anyway. He just got there a little quicker. But I would rather Martin walk the streets than Zimmerman. At least I can tell what Martin is from 100 yards. Zimmerman masquerades as an ordinary guy but in reality is a hothead with a gun.

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