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  • laylow1991 laylow1991 Jul 22, 2013 4:15 PM Flag

    Why don't blacks understand what they are doing?


    The demonstrations along with our presidents remarks just increases racial disharmony across our great nation.
    Whites did not demonstrate when O.J..was given a free pass. When in truth everyone knows to this day he was guilty.
    All blacks need to settle down and denounce the Panthers, Jackson, White and all others who continue to push racial hatred by whites. which is not true.
    Other ethnic groups are getting sick of it also.

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    • Denounce the New Black Panther Party
      Denounce the Black Panthers in the White House
      Denounce the Black Panthers at the Dept of Justice


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    • I agreed with many of the points the president made in his speech, He also spoke of people locking their car doors if a black man approached, of being followed in a department store to insure against theft and of women clutching their pocket books if in an elevator with a black man. Statistics show that the majority of crimes are committed by minorities. Why then is this action surprising? He should be telling his people to take care of their families, to find gainful employment, to stop having children out of wedlock and to stop shooting each other over drugs. Then they may expect the respect of others.

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    • They & our President apparently aren't looking beyond the immediate minute.
      If this country goes down who would survive???
      Obviously the above think it will just remain a 'guilty' party cringing to wait for the next lash from them-all . Obama was just licking his lips to think of what damage we would let him do to 'pay us back' for s*lave%ry.
      Ala Alinsky.....Obama still is the biggest Community organizer at heart; NOT a President!

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