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  • strengrick strengrick Aug 22, 2013 8:14 AM Flag

    Why are so many republicans leaving the gop?


    any guesses red//necks???

    This topic is deleted.
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    • a better question would be why are so many of you idiotcrats on welfare and scared that others think you worthless foodstamp fools should get a job. Please explain welfare ricky from section 8 in Atlanta.

    • Repubs are SCREWED(on a national level) for the next 20 years...blame it on the Tea Party boys

    • My decision was simple ---- I saw the Republicans making a major deal out of Carter trying to negotiate with the IRanians holding hostages... With the Repubs telling us to send in troops --- but Tehran was a city of a million and the hostages by that time were split up through out the city.... ---- That was my first eye opener that my GOP was either stupid or trying to screw over the sitting administration.... Later it was exposed that the Reagan crew had a secret deal worked out that if the Iranians held the hostages until after the election -- and than let them go --- Reagan would give them weapons that Congress had labeled illegal to ship to foreigners... That was one brick in the wall...

      Reagan had a good 6 yr run as his Treasury pushed cheap money and lax fiscal regulations he cut social spending but spent 3 times more on defense... his last 2 yrs saw the lie exposed to his policy as the house of cards collapsed and we slid into the Great Recession of Oct 1987 with the following 5 yrs trying to climb out of the greatest fiscal crisis since 1929.... with 1100 banks closing or merging.... and the RTC forming to sell off REO bank properties at pennies on the dollar.... It didn`t take a brain surgeon to figure out that the policies Reagan followed were flawed ... BUT.... due to conservative media and whitewashing the GOP made him into a Hero --- and convinced themselves that he was the best for the country....

      Which helped lead up to the Bush Jr Administration and the new worse economic collapse since 1929 as Bush / Cheney followed the REagan model of cheap money, lax regulations and massive defense spending.... the problem was that the trade agreements that were pushed forward by the REagan/Bush Sr team and put into operation by Clinton in his first 6 months --without changes --- as Ross Perot warned about ---- had sucked millions of Americans jobs overseas--- so that by the time Bush Jr doubled down on the Reagan model we were screwed....

    • Perhaps some have a conscience. Some have figured out there is a battle raging between the legally elected government and the secretive shadow government. When I think of a shadow government, I think of the openly public one in British politics. That is not what we have here. Persons unknown. Giving unlimited amount of money annonymously. Buying up politicians and judges. And when that fails, using e-mails as backmail to get the right outcome. Suppressing any move to create jobs and get a better economy for 300+million Americans in the 21st century. ///// It is a sad state of affairs that our largest export is arms. The technological prowess to kill people. (taxpayers expense). And the costliest program now is spying on people. Where 99.99999999% of that is spying on people critisizing the program. Which cost $1-Trillion the first 5-years to build. And now consumes 100-200-Billion a year to run. While they complain of starving people feeding on the teat of the taxpayer, lest it subtract from their thousand year right to make huge profits off the taxpayers teat. Of which they give anonymously to run Amerika. ///// So I guess some Republicans have woken up. Those with a conscience. Either that or they got an e-mail to follow orders and in all good conscience they refused to use the excuse. ..... I was just following orders. Destroy the country and make them look bad, then maybe we will look good.

    • The diseaseman is the ideal stupid dem bovine plantation dweller. He trades his vote for lifetime dependency on the dem massas who run the government plantation.

      Obama keeps expanding the government plantation with him as the head massa. He wants as many people as possible shackled to the government, trading dependency for votes, while he and the rest of the democrat massas fill their pockets with federal loot. People who have ambition, creativity, discipline, and a willingness to work hard are the dem massas' greatest enemies.

      Obama's ancestral African tribe was the Luo tribe, Muslim slave traders. He is continuing and expanding the family business with his democrat tribe.

      And pea-brains like the diseaseman fall for it.

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