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  • foo8675 foo8675 Sep 7, 2013 11:35 AM Flag

    maybe a republican can explain this to me


    how do you explain your support for bush. under his watch we had 911, 2 wars, the banks collapse, housing collapse. he created 0 private sector jobs in 8 years. he took a debt from 5 trillion to over 10 trillion. he took a surplus to over a trillion in debt. we had the greatest recession in history sense the great depression. we were losing 800 thousand jobs a month when he left. the market was lower the day he left then the day he started. he took more vacation then any pres in history. is it that you feel so bad that a republican screwed the pooch that bad. if this all happed under a dem pres you would be up in arms

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    • % years of OJT with OBAMA is more than anyother Administration has gotten away with..........OBAMA is the MOST INEPT individual to ever hold the office.

    • LMAO! Like a SINGLE CHANNELED "F" like you really wants an answer !??? LMAO...AGAIN!

    • Can you imagine, your boss asking you about the current status of your production and you blamed your poor performance on your predecessor, who ad been gone for years. That lame excuse would get you fired right away, don't you think? As a republican, one had to vote for Bush of course because, he should represent the conservative ideals of the voting block. That does not mean that we supported the bad decisions that he may have made while he was in office. We all prayed that he would do better, as you are probably doing right now with Obama. Or do you support him all the way? Over 6 years into Obama,s presidency can you honestly say that things are better for you, your family and friends and the country? At the present, the countries Debt is a threat to its freedoms and its future as a republic. Both parties are on a power trip and a spending spree that you and I and especially our children are going to pay for. I believe this county and it people are better than this. We need to put are petty bickering aside and fix this mess. We all tried to play the blame game, none of us ever got away with it, why are we giving our own public servants a free pass?

    • The dems have been in power since 2006 when they had the senate and house. The same laws were in effect during Clinton that caused the bank and houseing that the dems turned a blind eye to.You look now at the libs who don't like it because the rep will not go along with this idiot.There were 50 countrys the house the senate the U N and Bush had a 70% approval for Iraq.How many countries are with the idiot ? One with MORAL support! Bush had 6 of his eight years bring more money to the gov than ever before!He also had the LOWEST unemployment EVER for 6 years 4.5 how does the idiot compare?The best thing that can happen to this country is for this idiot to leave!The idiot is still trying to go to Syira and even going on tv with no countrys to go along with him plus the idiot said that he would not go with out the U N .When he was a senator he blamed Bush for every thing he is doing now he is a lieing two faced pos!

    • It is all about racism. Believe it or not, still in the USA in great numbers, people can't stand a black person is President. Obama was always playing from behind, that's the burden he has to deal with. Any mistake will be magnified, that's another burden. It is a difficult thing to be the first one of anything, especially still in this day and age being black. I wonder what will happen when Hillary is President?

    • foodstamp ricky, Clinton allowed the terrorist to train for 9-11 under his watch, Clinton created the housing mess that took the country down, there was no budget surplus and you are still a welfare loser. Get a job, America is tired of worthless losers like you.

    • Foo, the banking crisis was due to stupid laws allowing banks to do their own thing. The housing crisis was led by those thinking anyone without good credit or the income to support such a purchase was pushed on the banks and those approving their loans by our government. For your information Foo the leaders of the above were democrats.
      As far as vacations go and other trips not in the best interest of our country and the american taxpayers, you need to ask the people at Andrews, "who in history as president has abused their power more for their own self enjoyment?"

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      • Wrong; Congress under Clinton outlawed red lining & any bank that would not go along was threatened by the Gov. to go out of business.

        The banks were told that they MUST accept anyone for any loan even people w/ zero income.
        There were a few Congressmen that championed this that were Dem.
        Google it.

      • P.S. Foo. What is our nations debt. now? How many people are receiving govt. assistance now?
        How many are collecting govt. assistance that don't deserve it? But are being signed up and approved without any real investigation on why they should be receiving it. It's all for votes Foo.
        It's the old Chicago way going back a century.

        But Foo there is one problem, who is going to pay for it?
        Who will foot the bill for obama care?
        You only need to look at the most liberal states and cities to see what they are going through.
        The citizens of our country who have jobs and those that really, really want one are the ones who are suffering under present policies that are unproductive to creating good paying and full time employment.

    • You are full of s--- your eyes are floating

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