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  • foo8675 foo8675 Sep 23, 2013 2:10 PM Flag

    you republicans forget what a ship hole situation your last pres left us in

    2 wars, huge debt, 0 private sector jobs in 8 years, the stock market in free-fall, housing in free-fall, the job market in free fall, the economy an the verge of a depression. so when you talk about this pres and what a bad job he is doing, we dems just laugh and say what-ever. you have short term memories

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    • just where were the Progressives while all of this happened?
      How come they didn't do anything to stop the "evil GOP"?
      Is it because they were too busy running the House and the Senate?

    • "You didn't build that."


    • foo8675--You would good while saving the environment in a brand new Ford Fusion Hybrid!

    • #$%$!! it was CLINTON that put us in the FINANCIAL CRISIS!! the FAIR HOUSING MORTGAGE LAWS HE PUT THRU which yielded too much mortgage money to peeps that cant afford a tent let alone a house!! SYSTEM ABUSE!! FREE CELL PHONES!! FREE HEALTH CARE!! MORE ABUSE!! FREE FREE FREE and the

      USA is BANKRUPT...but keep voting for the freebies!! your children and their children will pay and curse these generations of laziness and greed.

      BUY FORD and shut up

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Bush jr is like the captain of the Concordia, just another unqualified swaggering clown who ran the nation onto the rocks and is unable to accept any personal responsibility.

    • Republicans did remember what a debacle the bush presidency was`....... which is exactly why you never saw bush at any gop events during the last 2 election cycles....and why you won`t see him at any future ones either......

      it`s also the same reason why jeb bush can`t get traction in reviviing his political career.....

    • Stop being a herd follower and reciting Democratic part talking points. How long are you going to blaming George Bush for Obama's poor performance??? How long? 3 more years or 10? You blame Bush but not Obama? If Bush was so powerful to crush the economy like you say then why isn't Obama just as powerful to fix it??? Ask yourself that? Btw I did vote for Obama and now admit it was a mistake. But Obama has not engaged with Republicans to compromise on anything. All presidents knew how to play the political game and get things done except this lazy neophyte Obama. Bill Clinton was great at it, Reagan too!. It called getting it done without all the excuses and blaming!!

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      • YASHIN123...

        It`s much easier to sink an economy than it is to bring one back from the edge of a 1929 collapse.... And it just wasn`t Bush by himself that was the problem --- it was the Republican controlled Congress in his first term that rubber stamped everything bush wanted and than raped the country with their `..pigs at the trough..` pork spending for the next 6 yrs....

        Pork spending under Democrat Clinton admin topped out at $12.7 Billion in 1998.... when the GOP took over the Congress under Bush in 2000 it went to $13++ and the following years into the $20 billion range topping at $29 Billion just before the Dems took back the Congress under Pelosi and Reid --- where upon Congressional pork spending was cut back to $12.8 Billion....

        And as far as Obama getting anything to pass in Congress --- Repubs set a record 136 filabusters --- a new Congressional record in the history of Congress -- to stop anything he was trying.... forcing Obama to deal with nearly 1/3rd of all the department heads, agency heads etc that he needs to run the government -- unfilled..... during a time when the USA is going through and trying to recover from the greatest financial crisis in the last 70 yrs....

        Where are we today in that situation ---- still many Americans unemployed but --- Larry Kudlow - the Money Channel`s biggest anti-obama pusher and ex-Reagan economists/advisor -- admitted a few months ago that the Obama economy is getting better and in the right direction....(no thanks to Kudlow) and today --- Dr Doom -- Nouriel Roubini... the financial professor that predicted the 2008 collapse -- just announced that the USA is in better shape and is growing -slow but steady- and will be much better shape than the EU and the emerging market countries going forward.. and he expect the US dollar will strenghten in response to those trends....

      • " If Bush was so powerful to crush the economy like you say then why isn't Obama just as powerful to fix it???"

        It took 14 years of republican control of congress, and 8 years of a republican president to "crush" the economy, you expect someone to fix it 6 years? It's a lot easier to brak something, then it is to fix it.

      • first of all I backed Hillary. second, I guess you did not listen to the loons that the republicans ran. third, no pres has faced what this guy walked into in our lifetime. and the fact that he is black has made it very difficult as the republican party has many racists. no other pres has had to play that game. I can give you many facts that show how much better the economy does under a dem pres. and the job market does much better under a dem pres. you believe what you want. do not play the fact game with me as you will be the guy who brings a knife to a gun fight

    • How in the world can we forget because you libs remind us on every issue that it is Bush's fault - I be the Syria situation is his fault as well - Man up and somebody take responsibility for something - at least when Bush drew a red line and it was crossed there were consequences.

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