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  • newemaillouis newemaillouis Sep 26, 2013 11:34 PM Flag

    When Alan leaves for Microsoft stock will drop .75 time to buy then.

    Great opportunity to buy. Stock stuck now because it looks like he is leaving.

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    • Hah! Cute thread. That's why rumors are called rumors, not to be confused with true news.


    • He will not leave for a MSFT.
      He has it made at Ford.
      His future book deals will tell how he turned BA and F around.
      The Ford family will not let him go without a fight.
      Besides, he will not wan't to be seen as a loser with Msft. Nothing can turn that ship around!

    • The stock will drop much more. Several headwinds for the industry in the near future.
      Mullaly will go to Microsoft. Cannot resist the challenge.
      Ford and Microsoft will merge. Natural progression.
      End of the world. Again.

    • newemaillouis ,
      Why should Alan leave? He is already 68 years old with more money than he could spend in two lifetimes.
      He has proven himself at both Boeing and Ford and should be looking to step back and enjoy the rest of his life. If he leaves at the top of his game, interesting opportunities should pop up from time to time to give him some mental stimulation without all the aggravation of running a mega-corporation.


      Sentiment: Buy

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      • Because he does not think like you ! Why does Warren buffet keep working ? Why does a 95 year Dr earning 250 k , multi millionaire never takes a day off die at his office ?
        Why does my brother with a condo in Trump Towers , a lake house , a million dollar home all paid for , a pension which he can collect , not retire at 55 . Why does 89 ? year old William Ford still run the Lions an show up at Ford board meetings ?

        4 people all different ends of the spectrum WHY BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT YOU
        It is simply a game for them like 60 year olds play hockey
        IF they want to work that day they do if not so what.
        Where was Alan the day before Labor Day , did you check on him ? Did he punch out ? No he hopped on the Jet an was gone .
        Why does Michel Jordon keep working ? Do you think he ever gets in trouble if he is late for work or decides not to come in , does he have to call in sick ? He fly's by private jet , takes a limo etc
        Alan eats in the Ford dining room stays at the top hotels .
        Many [not saying he does] have young very good looking girlfriends employed by the company they work with . Seen that many times.


        ALSO IT IS POWER TO SOME DEGREE everybody shakes your hand , says Hi , with a phone call Alan can meet with Congressman , Senators, Governors, Mayors probably the President
        Do you get it , I doubt it , now your 15 minute break is over get back to work before your Boss writes you up !

      • Aln is looking for a " HAT TRICK !!! "

    • All this denial, denial, denial about him not leaving really makes me wonder.

      • 1 Reply to low_mac
      • There is no reason for Mulally to lie about staying with or leaving Ford. He has stated he is focused on Ford and will stay until the end of 2014. If he left after making those statements he would lose a lot of credibility and trust which is more important to him at this point in his life than money, or at least in my opinion, they should be. Seeing Ford get stabilized and profitable in Europe would be a huge feather in his cap. European profits might not come until after he leaves but I'm sure he would feel comfortable leaving Ford knowing the foundation was in place and Ford was on their way.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Why would Microsoft hire Mulally as CEO? Hi isn't a tech guy. I can see the transition from Boeing to Auto OEM, but a tech. company? Is he that adept? Wow if he is.

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      • There is a good Forbes article in Yahoo News today dealing with just that subject.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • There is no question that Microsoft is considering Mually . Whether he will entertain an offer or that they choose him is the question.
        As to running the company. Actually a long time ago many pundits stated a monkey could run most American Companies.
        It is just that we have reached such a state in American business that when someone is even marginally competent they are given great accolades.
        The Big 3 always sold enough cars to make money even in the worst years. What they did much like the like US Government is over spend , over pay employees , mis manage everything from real estate to just plain waste/squander money.
        Look at Kmart led into bankruptcy an then found to have millions an millions in assets . Someone could have shrunk the Company sold off property an saved it without a bankruptcy but WHY ? When the executives are making millions to lose money /
        SO THE ANSWER IS IN THIS DAY AN AGE MUALLY is wanted simply because he is better then the other sit on their butts 30 million a year executives
        But an owner operator such as Monihan =Dominos, Illitch Little Ceasers or Ford Henry Ford the original .

      • cbjurczyk Sep 27, 2013 8:55 AM Flag

        Its perfect really if you think about it. Microsoft and Ford together first to market bringing you the driverless car. After all isn't ford first with hands free parking?mb

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