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  • nutz4stocks nutz4stocks Dec 12, 2013 4:24 PM Flag

    Board survey on Mulally


    I think most would agree that Mulally has done a good job @ F to this point, and his indecisiveness, like most uncertainty on the Street, is @ least a contributing factor in the malaise of F stock. Even the board recognizes that he is shrouding the company in a fog. Question(s)

    Will he stay & finish his career @ F?

    What will be the reaction by the markets if he (A) stays (B) does leave for MSFT

    My questions (s) I'll go first. I do think he will stay & finish his career @ F. But as far as the second question is concerned, I think the street is already pricing in the fact he is leaving. Thus, the lack of relative performance against GM over the last six weeks or so. IMHO, if he stays, the reaction by the markets will be much more positive than the downside risk if he leaves.

    Just my two cents....take it for what you paid for it...

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    • I fully agree with you that he has done an outstanding job at Ford. That being said ...

      1) I will believe that he's leaving when he announces he's leaving.

      2) If he leaves, he leaves. Ford will not fall apart because he leaves.

    • The uncertainty over his situation has been playing out for far too long. Leave it to MSFT to foul things up for Ford as if the My Touch wasn't enough. I think this stock would be north of 19 now had the questions about leaving early not started. If we heard the questions in the past month, those on wall street got the news a lot earlier than we did.

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