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  • foretherun1 foretherun1 Jan 9, 2014 7:07 AM Flag

    The dem party early destruction of dem lib Christie. THANK YOU!!!


    This early move by dems to begin destruction of Christie is good on two fold. First it exposes dems for the phonies they are with much, much, much more serious scandals facing them (i.e. Benghazi cover up during POTUS election cycle and second because it eliminates the dem hack big spending Christie right up front. THANK YOU DEMS!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!! JESUS OUR LORD WILL DELIVER US FROM 100 YEAR DEM REIGN OF TERROR AND THERE IS NOTHING THEY CAN DO UNDER THE MAGNITUDE OF SUCH AWESOME POWER AS OUR GOD!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! 2014 will be the first of many great ones yet to come with dems exposed for the pilfering criminals they truly are. As if the truly conservatives of this nation would ever stand for Christie anyway is downright laughable and shows just how stupid dems truly have become.

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    • Your diatribe cannot conceal the plain fact that you would be a fierce Christie partisan if he were somehow to become the Republican nominee after all. Your kind did the same for McCain and Romney so don't kid a kidder. All Benghazi proves is that all levels of our national security/diplomatic apparatus is awkward at interpreting and responding to fast moving events in the Mideast, it is not a scandal it is a tragedy. As Hilary Clinton said we should be focused not on recrimination but on preventing a recurrence. Of course "fair and balanced" FOJ noise sought to smear Clinton by taking the "what difference does it make" part of her statement out of context, noe THEIR is a scandal. Another scandal, Junior couldn't be bothered to interrupt his vacation in Crawford just because of intense intelligence chatter prior to 9/11. Still another scandal, the likes of you and too many millions of others blinded by hatred of the other GWB, that is the Governing While Black dude.

    • GREAT post. The fact that the libs have gone after fat boy really shows their true colors. They would have done it later anyway. Hopefully christi is no longer a viable candidate and the right will have a true conservative as their candidate

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    • Is Ricky Snyder next?

    • Hmmm are you saying only a Lib could have beaten a Lib....just sayin

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